OCC: Bear Shaped Heart

Posted on Mon Apr 8th, 2013 @ 10:06am by Mystic Zachary Craft

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Timeline: 4-8-2013

Today I have a bear shaped hole in my heart and it hurts so much that it was all I could do to keep it together today. While writing this I broke down, finally. I had to stop and so today, being the following day I have continued.

I am so angry and if I am being honest I would break, burn and hurt everyting around me until the pain was gone but we all know this will not help. But this is not about me.

Some of you will not know who I am talking about. You have no idea of the Man I am mourning and the great gap in my heart. So through tears let me tell you, please. Perhaps then you will here the echo of the man that I came to call, family.

Do you know the saying the “grass is always greener”? Well Shayne (Bear) was the grass, the sun that nourished and the rain that slaked its thirst. He made you feel so special when you were convinced you were just common.

Bear never apologized for being himself and never asked you to apologize for being yourself. Bear was a standing ovation just for you whenever you could visit. He adored his friends so much and took great care of them.

Bear was a fantastic writer. Like others he turned me on to SIM writing and allowed me to explore things. He was infinitely frustrating at times but he was such an encourager.

Bear took care of people. People who needed help he never hesitated. Never thought twice. He would bear forward and get it done, all the while nagging that person about their care and what they needed to be doing. My personal name for him was “Mother Bear”. He was “mother” to us all at one time or another.

What bear was not most times was a cook. While is ability to grill was above par there are numerous dishes that are best left unwritten.

Bear had a propensity to remember the things the way they thought they were and not the way they were actually written. Especially when gaming.

Bear loved poop jokes and I thought they were hilarious.

Bear was not aware of when his famous jokes were not a good idea but said them anyway.

I loved everything about him. I adored the things that drove me nuts to the things that made me smile. He was not a friend he was my family and he is gone.

Kitty. This is what Bear always called me as my totem animal is indeed the cat but today, I am just Jeremy Piper who misses his Bear.