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Of fur and feather

Posted on Mon Mar 18th, 2013 @ 12:21pm by Mystic Zachary Craft

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Outside Archery Range
Timeline: November 29th

Angel was dressed in gray stretch pants tucked into her knee high furry boots that laced up the front with a pink mini skirt and a grey thermal top with tiny pink and turquoise flowers. It was warm enough for the snowy day, especially with the bindings that kept her chest out of her way while she worked on her practice shots. She loved her bow even more after Zach’s upgrades, she could feel herself becoming the person from her vision.

As Angel took her last shot she suddenly had the feeling that someone was standing just behind her. As turned around she saw three men. One had golden reddish hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a simple bomber leather jacket that was old but cared for. He had on olive green cameo slack but was barefoot. Behind him were two twins. Both had slate black hair and pale skin. Each had a different color eye; one gold eye and one green eye. One was dressed in a flannel shirt with dark green slacks and wore flat black tennis shoes. The other wore a brown vest over a blue sweatshirt and matching sweatpants that were tucked into black combat boots. Angel was well trained in stealth but they literally just appeared out of nowhere it seemed.

Angel jumped, but lowered her bow and put a smile on her face, “I’m sorry, you startled me! I’m Angel.”

The blonde headed one took a deep bow, “My name is Trey of Pack Apex and I hope we are not disrupting your practice.” The other two looked at each other and shrugged not sure what Trey was doing. “The two cubs with me are Trovis and Trovir. They are mostly harmless but do need to be taught something in the way of manners.” The twins frowned not understanding exactly what they had done wrong.

“No, no, I was just finished actually, just have to clear the range and then I am done,” Angel smiled putting her bow in it’s case and locking it in.

“Very trusting,” stated the one introduced as Trovir

“No training yet Trovis,” he nodded, “If you had Clan Apex protecting your borders, you would be overconfident too.” Both nodded as the other twin finished the statement. Trey just ignored it and continued talking to Angel.

“Please forgive them. They are not use to such lofty company,” stated Trey as he was suddenly next to her.

“Trey, we are not here for you to hump her leg. We are here to see Helga for our new armor,” whined Trovis.

“Lofty?” Angel said with a laugh, “I don’t know who you’ve been talking to but I don’t think anyone would call me lofty.”

Trey grinned a wide grinned, “Surely an angel such as you can already fly and if not, will so soon.” Trey winked.

“Still learning,” Angel ground out, she really hated that she wasn’t good at it yet, “but lofty has such negative connotations, no matter how high I fly doesn’t mean I am above anyone.”

Trey nodded appreciating the humility displayed by the angel. Sensing the twins were getting antsy he turned to them. “Go find Kyort,” he sniffed once, “I believe he is with the animals in the stable. Oh and do remember not to chase anything this time. You are of age now and Ursais will suffer no bad behavior, no matter how much fun it might be,” Trey stated flatly. Without hesitating the two twins sprinted off toward the stables and toward Kyort.

“Sorry about them, they have not had a lot of dealing outside of the pack. While they are getting fitted, I can help you clean up,” Trey offered.

“Sure,” Angel said, smiling, she shouldered her bow in it’s bag, she never left it unattended, it was her prized possession. Only once it was secured did she pick up the ground quiver she had been using and start walking out towards the targets. She’d been using all the targets, sighting at different ones in succession to train herself to switch targets, and also been working at shooting on the run. Her shots weren’t perfect, but they got progressively tighter in their groupings.

After a few moments of silence she looked at Trey, “Was there something specific you wanted to talk to me about?”

“To say hello, to flirt, to get to know more of the students that live here year round, now that it is ok for me to do so,” Trey replied. “To see if you are all as shattered as the one I have met already”

Angel couldn’t help but chuckle, she was a diplomat who could twist words to do her bidding, but she liked people that were more forthright, probably why she surrounded herself with them. “I wouldn’t call myself shattered, in fact I would say I am fairly well rounded, at least in some ways,” she winked at him as she started pulling arrows from the first target, “Who have you already met?”

“Zach, a cute cub to be sure. We like him alot; he reminds us of, well, us. It is just adorable about how unaware of his own emotions he is,” said Trey with a small chuckle. The tone of it was hard to read as it seemed to be a mix of derision and honest appreciation. “Do you know the cub?”

“As with all the orphans, he’s my brother, but I don’t know him as well as others,” Angel was trying to be diplomatic, but still muttered, “Not for lack of trying.”

“As well as the others? Trying?” Trey thought a moment on those words. “Please share the experience with me, if you do not mind.”

Angel considered him for a long moment before replying, she wasn’t in the habit of gossiping with anyone other than Cat, but she couldn’t see the harm in his question. “Zach’s not like any of my other siblings, he’s cool, aloof and detached most of the time, he’s a warrior without a passion from what I have seen. And unlike the rest of us sex crazed teenagers, he’s not interested in anyone that way. I know because I asked him outright. And he doesn’t seem to process the usual social cues the way that others would. I tried to hug him when I thanked him for my bow and he thought it meant I wanted to have sex with him. All in all, he’s a good guy but a bit of an odd duck.”

Trey nodded, “Tell me pretty bird, do you know what a Mystic is?”

"Generic concept, yes," Angel said cautiously, "Intimate details beyond what I have seen in Vision, no."

“Very well, that is all I know too,” stated Trey. “So tell me my little sex crazed teenager, is Kyort the only one you are laying with or is there another in your life?”

“That was just payment for a couple tattoos, one for me and one for my sister, nothing serious going on there,” Angel said ducking her head a little and tucking a curl behind one ear as she looked away, she hadn’t really answered the question but it had caught her flat footed.

“Hmmm, I think I may have overstepped my bounds. My apologies.” he said in a voice so warm it was hard to doubt the sincerity of it. His ears twitched for a moment. “The twins are on their way back. It seems we have cleaned up here as well,” Trey smiled that made him look handsome and boyish all in one. He then took a deep bow. “Have a wonderful day and i hope we may meet again.”

“No wait,” Angel said catching his wrist a quick motion, “you didn’t overstep your bounds. Just caught me by surprize that's all. I haven’t really done the whole relationship thing in a while. Well only once actually, and it didn’t turn out well. So I just scratch an itch from time to time with someone who’s unattached. Lately that’s been Kyort, two birds one stone and all.”

Trey smiled wide, “You never need to apologize for “itching” little bird. Especially to my kind. I am sure your prince will come one day and Kyort is a...gifted lover, I hear.” Trey turned as Trovir and Trovis came out of nowhere, again.. Infact Angel noticed that she seemed to almost sense them before she saw them. They both nodded at Trey with eager grins.

“Measurements are done and...” started Trovir.

“the armor will be done in one cycle of the moon,” finished Trovis.

Trey nodded, “Good, I believe you two are still on dinner detail so lets head back now. Straight back,” the threat went unsaid but it was clearly given in tone. Trey nodded to Angel and they started off a trot that quickly moved to full sprint. Each time she blinked when they got to a full run, one of them disappeared. As they reached the outer gate, Angel could of swore she saw a golden foxtail hound disappear behind the gate.

Angel watched the direction they headed avidly, she was more than a little curious about these new people, why weren’t the kids at the school? Why were they suddenly introducing themselves. Maybe tomorrow she would go and find out.


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