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Basket Weave

Posted on Sun Mar 17th, 2013 @ 7:59pm by Mystic Zachary Craft

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: School Dojo
Timeline: Day after the rite

Zach sat and stared at the basket. He was kneeling and his breath was slow and even. He was in the center of the dojo as he seemed to spend most of his time during the “breaks” they had from payers and school.

A basket, of all things a basket, why?

Zach was at first confused by the gift and the message that came with it. “Withies and reeds can form a basket, a willow branch can defeat a sword, could not a reed basket become a shield for a master of weapons to wield?” He was annoyed to the point that he basically ignored it for several days before deciding finally to take it to the dojo to practice with.

So Zach knelt on his knees breathing and while his body was at rest his mind was working fast. Building a possible series of katas that would utilize characteristics the basket the best. He also knew there was more to the story than he could see and he wanted to use some of the things he had learned with Daygon here now to see if he could learn more about the gift. For the first time since returning from festival with the others, Zach tried to turn on his weave site and look at the basket.

And saw it was alive with as complex a thread design as it was entwined with metallic rods.The threads glowed and shifted like flames in the coals of a fire, undulating yet remaining as coals and embers in the bottom and hottest part of the fire.

Zach nodded he knew that he was still mostly untrained on how to interpret the information given to him. It was enough for him to verify that this was clearly more than it seemed. He jumped up to his feet and walked over to the basket. Because he makes no assumptions he had some work out gloves on his hands. Hoping that it would protect him for any sharp edges of metal or rubbing his hands raw as metal when coiled like this could do. He was sure, now, that it was unnecessary but being extra careful never got anyone killed in most cases.

He lifted the basket to feel the weight of it and gave it a couple of swings to get a feel for it. He then went through some simple motions, trying to understand how the tool could be best utilized.

After a little bit of playing around with just the physical object Zach decided to move into newer some newer methods of testing. He turned his weave sight to full and then looked at himself to make sure his personal weave was active. Which it was. He brought back the memory of seeing Daygon’s weave integrating into his weapons. So he placed his hand on the Basket and willed his armor to do the same thing. Keeping focused that he was looking for information and capabilities of the item.

The basket leapt into the air and hovered in front of him, light flaring from the metal as it changed color from matte black and silver to appear as nearly molten metal. The strands of the woven basket broke apart and fused together, end to end and then still glowing and seeming the flare with flames, snaked around Zach’s body, wrapping it in black magical cable. There was a brief moment of searing pain and then the cable disappeared, yet Zach’s personal weave seemed to now be made of metallic coils.

Zach kinda stood still for a moment. Unsure of exactly what happened. He converted his sight to the full normal vision to see if anything in the physical world had changed at all.

Were his muscles perhaps just a little more pronounced, did he look more solid than before? Something had changed, if only it was internal and he was coloring his own perceptions but he felt sturdier, tougher, maybe a little stronger.

Zach unclear what to do next started running through his normal kata routines to see if he could detect any physical changes. Increasing the intensity as time moved forward.

In pushing himself, he felt a bit more flexible and positions and stretching that normally gave him understandable aches of mortal weakness just... no longer did. His strikes and jabs, his held extensions did so without wavering, without the normal nervous adjustments his muscles would make even at the peak of strength and skill, a tremble here, a quiver there... just didn’t happen.

Zach nodded his approval. He was curious if there was more to this gift and if there were any “cost” to the enhancements it offered. He decided he would go find Ms. Summer to see if she had any instructions or other information to offer regarding the gift basket he had received.



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