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Silver Circle

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2013 @ 12:44pm by Celestial Angel

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Shadow Word, Stark Academy, Celebration Amphitheater
Timeline: November 28, 2011

Angel heard a soft steady beat begin in the background somewhere as the crowds of people grew hushed and then silent. On the seventh beat she felt Oriel invoke a Seal, she instinctually recognized it from her dream. He turned to her and nodded to her, "Now you, same one, Invoke a Cardinal Seal."

Angel nodded solemnly and then let her eyes fall closed. She could remember invoking a Seal in her Dream and as she focused she began to see and recognize the symbols in the Seal. Instinctively Angel did as she was bid, somehow understanding how to do it if not what it meant.

The silver characters erupted around her then a thin silver circle enclosed them at her feet, radiating their light straight up and casting both Oriel's and the young female angel on her right Seal's into dimness. There was a soft boom in the stone as it formed and the Seal invoked itself, bringing with it a sense of awareness and aggressive defense against intrusion.

Angel let out a small gasp as her eyes flew open to watch the near blinding light rise up around them.

Drums began a rhythmic thrumming suddenly, softly, building up to a moderate intensity in fast cycles of one-twenties. The steady beat continued at its normal speed in the background as the drummer broke into a complex pattern of rounds that had them all cycling on the same heavy drumbeat in the background.

The pulse that passed through him as soon as the drummers broke into their wilder rounds as Oriel looked at her and said softly, "Follow our lead."

She nodded, watching them closely as she took deep even breaths

Oriel and the other Celestials raised their heads and dropped their mouths open and began to softly sing. There were no words, only emotions, the joy of flying, protecting others, fulfilling duty and their pride in being able to serve.

Angel felt goosebumps prickle over every inch of exposed flesh as she listened and then opened her own mouth letting all her own feelings flow out. The joy of her first flying lesson matched the others but as for the rest, for her there was more to it, a yearning for more.

Behind her, in the circle of flame, she heard the telltale whoosh of flames and saw the orange light cast ahead and around her and the other Celestials. In the distance she heard the zephyrs of wind and felt moisture kiss her cheeks from the Nereids' Cascades as they invoked and the thump of the Giants as they called stone. Then, she saw Brann out of the corner of her eye transform into his full armor, his gigantic long-hafted curved sword in one hand and a massive shield on his left arm, Desinora wearing full and obviously fanciful female armor that also covered her completely but copied her mode of dress almost exactly, with wide skirts of metal and high collars and shoulders that worked as armor to block headshots. Even her helmet imitated her hair in thick braids with wide cables woven together to fall on long strands to her lower back and ended with shape metal caps, like spear points.

She heard the voices of all the others softly join in and the various notes merged into a vast harmony for just a moment. Then, after a heartbeat of falling into synch, their pitch rose steadily until almost a shriek and the various elemental types and Guardians and Mystics slammed their magic into their circles.

White light erupted from the stone they all stood on and radiated upwards, an electrifying jolt shooting up through all of them giving them a nearly sensual burst of energy and for a few instants, linking the emotions and thoughts of all of those around her together as they came down from the culmination of their Rite.

Angel gasped as the light seemed to sink into her body and then burst forth, and marveled at that instant of connection with those around her.

As the light and most of the connection faded, Oriel looked over and came to take her hand. "C'mon, lets get some food and drink before the dancing starts and it gets too loud to do anything but dance and sing and scream for your teams."

Angel let him pull her towards the food with a grin on her face, running a little to keep up with his longer legs. As they slowed she tugged on his hand a little, "Hold up a second," she turned her back and splayed her wings a bit, "does my tattoo carry through here? What does it look like?"

"Like living animation," Oriel breathed. "Like it could peel off and go off on its own at any point."

"So like the branch is moving in the wind?" Angel asked lifting her arm and looking at her side where the one flow wrapped around she watched the petals flutter.

"Exactly," he replied. "Who did this for you? There's Green-Weaving in it."

"Damn now I wish I had a mirror," she muttered but grinned at him over her shoulder, "Kyort, our stable master, he's the only one at the academy that does them, old school with natural dyes and porcupine quills." A slight pink crossed her cheeks as she thought about it, not from embarrassment just heat from the memory of her sessions with him.

"Once the party is over, if you're staying at the Academy tonight, there will one you can use in your quarters," Oriel explained and smiled back. "Kyort's a Satyr, you know that right?"

"No, I did not know that, but it explains a lot," Angel said a little smile playing around her lips as she let her eyes go wide. "What's Green-Weaving?"

"Magic, as we refer to it, is done through weaving magic threads spun from the essence of magic. Magic comes in many forms, many types and schools and the raw form is usually carried inside of us. We distill and focus that essence into a practical form and use it to build spells, in our understanding it works like tying string and weaving patterns of magic in specific ways. So Kyort, as a Satyr, uses Green-Weaving. ‘Green' being not just a color but also referring to the special Fae/Earth magic from which Satyr draw a great deal of their non-Madness spreading magic."

"So what did he weave into my back?" Angel asked, sounding not exactly worried but mildly concerned.

"‘Life', looks like," Oriel replied, watching the animated image. "It really looks alive."

"Alright," Angel said, "Let's go before all the food is gone."

Oriel took her hand and gestured as the crowds were converging on the tables. Angel saw Erris and Cat heading to one table and then move to another where there was a line, getting rid of their first mugs and waiting for others. Two other young people joined them and they stood talking, all drinking mugs from the more-popular table.


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