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Mytic's rights and family

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2013 @ 4:21pm by Mystic Zachary Craft

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Shadow Realm: Purple Circle
Timeline: During and after the Rite
Tags: Zach, Daygon,

Zach heard a soft steady beat begin in the background somewhere as the crowds of people grew hushed and then silent. On the seventh beat he felt a thread extended to him from Daygon, his Othersight showing him how Daygon allowed the thread to move through his weave, in from “upstream” and then out to “downstream” and to Zach.

Zach looked around in his normal sight. Using his weave sight was fun but he wanted to see this in the normal way for now. Since he was getting a lot of information he did not know how to interpret.

On Zach’s other side a young man covered from head to toe in some sort of woad-like blue, black and crimson ink designs accepted his thread and passed it on to a young woman further down. In short order Zach felt a pulse of energy move down the thread to him, cycles through his weave and leave, neither diminishing nor strengthening him though in some way picking up both speed and power in the process.

All to the steady beat of the drum.

Zach remained calm and did not move. He thought to himself, “so this must be what a dot feels like in those connect the dot games.”

Drums began a rhythmic thrumming suddenly, softly, building up to a moderate intensity in fast cycles of one-twenties. The steady beat continued at its normal speed in the background as the drummer broke into a complex pattern of rounds that had them all cycling on the same heavy drumbeat in the background.

The pulse that passed through him as soon as the drummers broke into their wilder rounds sent a physical flush through Zach, breaking him out in dimples and an almost electrical sizzle that showed him he had more depth than he perceived yet, all at once.

The thread had now taken on the thickness of a rope, twined with the threads of all thirteen of the Weavers in the circle and seemed far stronger than it had been before.

:When I signal: Daygon’s voice came through the thread to Zach :you’ll push the thread into the purple disk at your feet at the same speed as everyone else. We will merge the power into the set-weave together. Understand?:

Zach only nodded his affirmation.

Being on the outside and facing outward, the Mystics was only the amphitheater and the seating, the sunset and darkening evening beyond it as the stars seemed to race across the sky to bring on full night and drop the temperature. Behind them what sounded like a hundred voices sang out in their various comfortable keys, a sustained note that held for a second and then began to rise, faster and faster until the combined voices crescendoed in a loud shout. At that exact moment Daygon told Zach :Now.: and pushed down on the thread along with the rest of the Mystics, slamming the thick woven threads into the disk at his feat and the line that connected them all together!

Zach was not sure on how he was to push down on the the thread so he just thought about mentally pushing down on the thread and about maintaining the same speed as everyone else around him. The thread moved and maintained paced with those around him.

As the threads hit the stone, gigantic purple runes exploded into view all around the outside of the circle and out from that tall white statues formed of starlight appeared, each distinctive and all with a hand raised as if in benediction to those in the circles. Before Zach, stood a woman he had never seen before, her hair a little wild and seemed to be blowing in a wind only she could feel. She appeared human like him yet she wore robes that fell around her calves, shredded and chopped, she stood barefoot. In a simple cloth band around her waist rode a flute and a small pouch. In her other hand stood a staff that appeared made from a tree branch, the top ended in a bunch of leaves, a cluster of acorns and a large seven-petaled flower.

All of the statues appeared and for a few heartbeats remained unmoving except for her, who looked down at Zach from where she towered over him a dozen feet and her eyes met his. They were the last thing he saw as she, and the others, vanished.

Zach blinked for a moment, unsure if he saw what he did. Of course, the place around him was filled with the “unbelievable” in human terms and so he assumed that he did indeed see...her. Who she was he was unclear but was sure a conversation would be forthcoming about the event.

As the figures disappeared, the ground exploded upward in brilliant white light, casting everyone in the Rite and around it in underlit shadows! With it came an electric rush of feeling and emotion as the thoughts and feelings of those in the Rite mingled for a moment amidst a wash of pleasure.

Zach squinted at the display of power but was fascinated by what happened though he did not understand anything at all. Other than the visual effect he did not sense or feel anything significant though he was almost certain water was leaking from his eyes and he was smiling widely.

Daygon turned to Zach and looked at his face quizzically. He understood the pleasure but he didn’t understand this type of response. He knew that Summer put them together because in many ways they were similar. In many ways they were not; she hoped for synergy. Daygon doubted such a thing was possible with a mammal but he had learned long ago that his elder frequently had a perception he lacked and that he should allow the experiences to occur and see what strength he could garner from it.

“Your face is leaking,” Daygon stated.

“Agreed,” Zach replied, “I am not sure what emotion I am feeling. Physical characteristics are similar to sadness and happiness.” Zach shrugged showing he cared little to explore it further. “Did you see the white flower woman?”

“I did but it seems you had some sort of connection to the Intermediary Deity,” Daygon observed. He considered and then nodded once, “It could be that she is choosing you as her representative. If you notice a Figment that appears and follows you about, it will be an Intermediary Deity that has chosen you to represent them. Typically, someone gets one of some sort, sometimes two, rarely three and it is nearly unheard of to get four and legendary for more.”

“Intermediary Deity, Figment? Can you clarify these terms?” Zach asked.

“In the celestial hierarchy of which we are at the lowest rungs,” Daygon explained, “there are Guardians and Angels, who are considered of greater stature in the scheme of things. They, however, lose flexibility for might and get less choice than we do, as we’re closer to mortals. Intermediary Deities are gods that fall between their level and the level of the Divinities, the Higher Powers who are so powerful they cannot interact with the moral plane directly else their mere presence would cause great harm.” His face was very serious as he said this last part, no doubt to emphasize ‘great harm’. “The Intermediary Deities are often mortal or immortals of similar stature as us who are directly linked to one or more of the Divinities. A Figment is a tiny fragment of their power, usually in a small and seemingly innocuous form, that will lend you its aid provided the appropriate sacrifices are made. As most of the Intermediaries and the Divinities through them accept very innocuous sacrifices, most of us find it tremendously easy to meet those requests and thus gain their help.”

He paused and then said, “Do you remember when Erris invoked that tiny flame being and said something like a prayer, stating a sacrifice value and asking if it was accepted? This was a Figment of the Goddess of Luck, Betting and Sport who is also a Fire Passion and thus of the same Linearity as Erris. She helps him place gigantic betting pools, which gives her a great deal of momentary attention and that translates into belief, which is in turn translated into power. The amount of power she would use to create that effect he asked for was a tiny portion of the return on her investment to him to set it up. Do you understand?” he asked.

“Vaguely, but I suppose this will all become more easier to understand once I have spent more time here. The one I saw was a lady in white, with a staff that ended in a cluster of leaves, acorns and a seven petaled flower,” replied Zach.

“How did she make you feel?” Daygon asked softly, watching Zach carefully. He knew the same things some people did about who had given birth to these hidden treasures and he knew their family lines, since it was required reading as part of Shadow-World history. He also knew of the prohibition against outright telling them who their parents were and he understood the reasoning why. He even supported it, from a purely tactical standpoint.

“My eyes leaked but I was smiling. So I am not sure based on the physical queues. However, it did feel somewhat, familiar. Like I should know this person but yet name and context are beyond me,” replied Zach with a quizzical look. “Who is she?” asked Zach

“Lady of the Groves,” Daygon replied. “She is the single presence that represents all of the Fae, the Passions of Chaos and Dreams in the Shadow-World and the direct representative of Maab, Divinity of the Fae to whom all that have dreams owe that privilege.” He quirked his right eyebrow and added, The Lady, herself, is not a Fae though.”

“So a fae is represented by not-fae. I do not understand the significance of that other than you make a point of it? What is she if she is not fae?” Zach asked.

“Human,” Daygon replied and then added with a sideways cock of his head, “mostly. She is a very powerful Visionary who passed through Madness more than once to come out the other side. On one such excursion, as I understand the lore, she attracted the attention of Maab who became intrigued and sent her a figment. The lore goes that somehow the Lady swallowed the Figment and was ascended to the level of an Intermediary God, becoming representative of all of Maab’s interests in the Shadow-World.” He added in a low tone, “Incidentally, she is also Headmistress of the Oak-Grove Academy and is considered an ally to Jericho.”

“Interesting and she is “interested” in a student that attends Jericho’s school?” replied Zach, “and owed a boon to Summer that she called in the battle earlier.” Zach’s wheels turned quickly. He was not as smart as Maus but he was cunning enough.. “Who is she, to me?” Zach asked looking Daygon directly in the eyes.

“The woman who spawned you,” Daygon told him bluntly.

Zach only nodded. His face turned a dark shade of red and suddenly his fist were clenched tight. Without thinking he turned his weave sight to halfway to normal and took an aggressive stance. His chest was heaving and almost instinctually he wove the rune of speed on his chest.

Daygon watched him carefully and also wove a similar rune, having been charged with Zach’s safety he needed to make sure the youngster didn’t get killed, no matter what.

Zach could not control himself and he was not sure what was going on. His face felt hot and suddenly the need to hit something overwhelmed his sense of survival. He looked up and he saw Daygon but he did not see him. Charged with the speed run he took a straight run directly at Daygon. Zach was gone and all that was left was anger from a some place he did not know existed.

Daygon had already cast speed and unclipped his reserve stacks of weaves and raised his formidable defenses. This wasn’t the place for a fight; the collateral damage would be very high unless he led Zachary away and it would do to embarrass him. Daygon may be a reptile, but he understood pride and he understood that the compassion of mammals often made things worse for those like himself and Zachary.

Zach led with a straight right punch aimed at Daygon’s head, with the left balled up ready to follow up with a hook. Zach was trying to leverage the speed run to add power to the blow and reduce the likeliness of it missing as well. A sound tactic against the untrained to be sure.

Daygon blurred to the side, allowing the fist to come within an inch or so of his face, never taking his eyes off of Zach’s abdomen. Zach swung as if he was a child, and perhaps he was in his mind right now, reacting emotionally for the first time in his life. This was anger, true and it was sadness as well; there was loneliness in the wind coming from the young mammal. Daygon backpedalled several steps, leading Zach afield and away from the people around them, none of which had appeared to notice there was a fight going on between the two stepped-up classmen.

Zach let out a low growl. He fed all his anger and need to hurt into this speed rune and then shot off after Daygon. As he sped after him tears flew out of his eyes and seemed to float a moment before crashing down to the ground. Internally, Zach was fighting to regain control. He was unclear what was going on but a part of his mind was abhorred by this outburst. Daygon clearly outclassed him currently as a fighter. He had little hope of hurting him and had no logical reason to lash out. But the storm of anger over rode anything he tried to do.

As soon as they were far enough away, out in a practice circle in fact, Daygon threaded the activation rune and let the magical protections enclose them before he stopped dodging.

When Zach caught up to Daygon he did not stop or hesitate. He lept at Daygon with abandon, fist flailing out wildly. Teeth gritted and tears streaming, Zach was no longer the cool, aloof teenager,he was a child having a temper tantrum.

Leaning into the fist, Daygon let it smash into his cheek, critically analyzing the technique, the force of the impact, the imperfection of the blow and how Zach could have levered his arm to produce a better effect. The pain, he knew, was transitory and illusory since his toughening runes were still intact and he wasn’t really injured, merely stimulated at the point of impact. Likewise, he leaned into Zach’s next blow and the next, allowing him to flail his anger into Daygon and expend the emotions that he didn’t understand.

And just as it had started it stopped. Zach came to a dead stop, panting. His chest heaved with the exertion and sweat mixed with tears. Zach stood a moment looking on at nothing and then stated “Apologies for that. It has never happened before. Also, I think my hands are broken.”

“‘Likely,” Daygon replied, “I toughened myself to make sure you would do no permanent harm and I believe you have fractured several carpels. If you have a clear mind now, I can teach you a potentially unpleasant but useful medical weave that should have that taken care of in a few days.”

Zach nodded, still panting.

Silently Daygon wove a weave that was more complex than the prior Othersight mask he had shown Zach, this one resembled and behaved like a writhing serpent once it was completed, though it remained tethered. He showed Zach how to attach it, doing it to himself and felt the aches of the brief combat wiped away as the soft tissue trauma was soothed and the swelling began to recede.

Zach trebled his Weave sight to on full and then started recreating the pattern that Daygon showed him but it failed the first time. He tried again, failed. He took a deep breath and started calming himself down. He pushed his pain out his mind and just focused the design. He went slower focusing on each detail and eventually got it right. He then incorporated the weave into his armor and warmth flowed out of his chest. The warmth flowed down his each of his arms to his hands and then pain exploded there. Bones cracked loudly into places that they belonged and and tears came again unbidden as Zach bit his lower lip to hold back a scream. As soon as the pain started it ended and Zach could see several small snake like weaves wrapped around the bones as they began to facilitate healing.

Zach nodded to Daygon, “Thank you Sensei.”

“You’re welcome Zachary,” Daygon replied and nodded, unsmiling yet satisfied.


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