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Kiss the Girl

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2013 @ 10:37am by Fae of Fire Cat Random & Unknown Draco Sandrino

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Hedge Maze
Timeline: December 10, 2011 After Dinner

Draco had managed to catch Angel alone for a few seconds of whispered conversation before dinner and made arrangements for their after dinner retreat. He'd wanted time alone with her without any pressure so he'd had Angel help him. He'd given her his heavy wool coat which had a hat gloves and scarf in the pocket and then had her put it along with a long warm coat and knee high furr lined boots for Cat and put them near the door.

Once dinner had completed, Drake steered Cat towards the doors where their things were laid out then helped her out of the heels and into the boots, even lacing them for her. Then he pulled her coat on and put up her hood before donning his own coat and bundling up. He knew she just ran warmer then normal people but he didn't want to take the chance that she would be too cold as he lead her out on to the grounds with a gentle hand on her back.

Cat walked beside Draco as they meandered along the path outside the main building. It was odd being any where with him without her siblings right there or her mind half buried in her work. Despite the fact that dinner had gone off without a hitch she still felt like pterodactyls were dive bombing in her stomach. Shyly she reached out to take his hand.

"So what do you like to do with your spare time?" She asked taking Brann's suggestion to actually ask him about his interests so that they could do something other than sit in the forge all the time.

Drake let his hand curl around hers, though their heights made the motion a little awkward, the feel of her warm hand in his made it worth it. "Well you know the cooking, when I need to just zone out that's what I do. I play guitar, but don't get me singing... football, basketball..." he shrugged grinning at her, "the usual guy stuff. I'm decent at Halo."

"You ever skateboard?" She asked with a matching grin, her heart pounding a little faster since he accepted her first attempt at reaching out to him. "Cause not sure if you know it but we have a half pipe on the grounds."

"When I was a lot younger yes, but when my dad sent me here he said it was time I grew up and gave up such childish things so it's been years," Drake said grinning down at her.

"We'll have to get you back on a board then. After all every so often it's fun to be a little childish." She chuckled to show that she wasn't either upset or trying to be nasty.

"Maybe late at night when no one is around to laugh at me," Drake countered, "I am already the nice guy payer, hopelessly infatuated with you. I lose any more of my tough buff exterior and I will be roadkill." He flexed an arm under his jacket jokingly.

"I don't think you'll be roadkill. You are learning how we deal with each other." Cat gave him a shy smile. "Besides I think you're perfect just the way you are."

"Learning yes, but according to your brothers I am still far too nice and care too much about being polite and well behaved," Drake said, his cheeks turning a dusky pink as he flushed, it wasn't that he didn't have the urge to crush her against the wall and kiss her until she was too dizzy to walk, oh boy he did. But he was raised to treat women with respect, that you just didn't do that until you knew them well enough to know it was okay. Then again, she'd said it was okay earlier... he cut that line of thought off, if he let his mind wander down that path he'd be lost. Instead he pulled her closer, putting his arm around her shoulders so they touched as they walked slowly through the grounds.

"I don't think that they think you too nice and care to much about being polite and well behaved, I think it's more they think you care too much about what others think." Cat said thoughtfully as she lead him towards the hedge maze in the gardens, her arm wrapping around his waist easily. "They're worried that when the Payers come back they'll go after you balls to the walls and you won't be able to keep yourself or Bennie safe. You're one of us now. The Payers are going to know that, and then it'll be open season on the two of you."

"That was going to happen anyway sweetheart," Drake said steering her deeper into the maze, "I made my allegiance pretty clear before the break. Besides, even though my father is dead most of them still think I am some mini don that could have them wacked despite their parent's money. They may come after me, but they know better then to go after Bennie. I may be nice and polite but not when it comes to protecting her. Besides, I know the other orphans will protect her if I am not around."

"Payer's probably think that when they get back the ban on Orphans fighting back will be back in place." Cat said thoughtfully. "I'm not sure it won't be, especially given the special cases that we all are." She scrunched up her face after a moment or two. "Though we've still got the rest of break before they get back, so I'm not gonna stress it tonight. However I will say, any of them hurt Bennie in anyway and they'll have ground glass in some really uncomfortable places." The smile she gave him was decidedly evil.

"If those places even exist after I'm done with them," Drake said, though usually mild mannered and calm when it came to Bennie he would fight to the death. Unlike most of the others he'd never taken Akido or any of the eastern disciplines, when it came to physical training. He had however been part of an underground bare knuckles boxing club with a few of the other boys in his country club and had taken classes in boxing and kick boxing for years. He couldn't fight elegantly like the others, but he could brawl.

Cat let out a soft chuckle. "The beauty of being an Orphan is that we learned ways to pay them back even more effectively than beating them bloody." The wicked grin was still on her face. "Anyway." She shook her head as though to clear it. "We take care of our own and Bennie is a treasure. I can't imagine anyone not loving that little girl."

"There was one maid back at home that would disagree," Drake said with a snort, "You know how pesky she can be, when she was 4 or 5 she got it in her head that she wanted to be JUST like Maria," he said the name with a slight roll to the R, "to the point of stealing her uniforms and wearing them while she followed her around the house, mimicking her every movement, stealing her cleaning supplies. Even trying to eat her lunch. Bennie's nurse was constantly having to chase after her and find her when she slipped away because Maria wasn't all."

Cat let out a soft laugh. "Yeah, still can't imagine someone not loving Bennie, even if she annoys them from time to time." She was enjoying this walk more than she could have imagined. It felt good just getting to spend time with Drake. "So has anyone begun teaching you the secret language?"

Draco didn't answer, instead he took a sudden turn into a little alcove in the hedges where there was a stone bench, sitting he pulled her into his lap so she wouldn't have to sit on the cold stone, he spoke softly not wanting to disturb the quiet night, "Is this alright?"

Cat simply nodded before looping her arm around his neck to help her keep her balance.

"Good," he said letting his arms just hold her for a few seconds, "As for the language, no, not yet, though I think they have already started teaching Bennie."

"We should really start teaching you. It makes communicating when Payers are around infinitely easier." She smiled as she thought about the podlings teaching Bennie their language. "Somehow I figured the podlings would get her started."

"Maybe another night," Drake said softly, leaning closer to her so he was speaking against her ear, but his voice took on a totally different edge as he muttered, "What the h-"

From the other side of the hedge came a soft sound then the sound of rising music and a jamaican accent.

There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don't got a lot to say
But there's something about her
And you don't know why
But you're dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl

Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
It's possible she wants you, too
There is one way to ask her
It don't take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl

As the next verse started another voice joined in with the recording from the Little Mermaid.

Sing with me now
My, oh, my
Look at the boy too shy
He ain't gonna kiss the girl
Ain't that sad
Ain't it shame, too bad
You gonna miss the girl

Cat let out a soft chuckle, though she didn't move from her spot on Drake's lap. She looked back over at him and raised one dark brow, partially taunting but more questioning.

"Bennie, go to bed," Drake called, not taking his eyes off Cat.

Now's your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon
Boy, you better do it soon
No time will be better
She don't say a word
And she won't say a word
Until you kiss the girl

"Bed!" Drake said more firmly but there was laughter in his tone.

The music cut off, "Awe man," Bennie's voice came from the other side of the hedge, "fine I will go to bed, but she better have a hickey in the morning!"

"NOW!" Drake yelled but was laughing outright as he heard her scampering away towards the school, he let his voice drop low, "Sorry about that."

"Why? She's just letting you and me know that she approves the match." Cat said with a soft chuckle. "She's just a bit more playful about giving her permission than some others would be." She played idly with the hair at the nape of her neck. "Remember I grew up with a bunch of people who have no qualms about others seeing them being intimate with whomever they please. I don't mind if people know we're together. Do you?" She cocked her head to the side, her tone was soft and open, no hint of censure or judgement. If Drake didn't want people to know that they were kissing she didn't really mind, but that was kinda the key in her opinion, she didn't mind either way. Now that people knew that she liked him she had nothing to hide, especially not since he seemed to like her just as much.

"No no no, that's not it at all. I want to shout it from the roof tops! It's just that most girls would balk when the bratty little sister showed up playing Disney music."

"I'm not bratty!" Came a voice from down the hedge a ways.

"Bed, now or I am canceling your riding lesson with Angel," Draco was laughing though as he listened hard for the retreating giggles.

"She's such a pain," he was still chuckling, "an adorable lovable pain, just the way little sisters are supposed to be. Now that we are alone, I think I was just about to learn what you taste like right here," his voice had dropped low as he started to nuzzle in close to her ear again.

Cat chuckled low in her throat even as she shivered a bit at the feel of him brushing her skin. "I come with my own pains, and most of them are older." She replied her own voice quieter than normal with hint of a husky edge to it.

Drake knew better than to keep his kisses too soft so let his lips press into her skin more firmly before nibbling at the curve of her ear. He cupped her cheek and turned her face gently pulling back to look into her eye in the dim light, "You are so beautiful."

A bright red flush stole up Cat's cheeks as she blushed at his compliment. "I'm nothing special." She said after a moment. Biting her lip she seemed to debate something before squirming around in his lap until she was straddling him, her knees resting on the cold stone of the bench.

Drake took a steadying breath before turning her face up to the moonlight so he could look her in the eyes, "You are exquisite and perfect to me. And while it's true I may exaggerate my claims of manly prowess to try to impress you, I will never lie to you about this."

Cat blushed even more as she gave him a sweet smile. "I'm glad you think so." She reached out and cupped his face gently. "And you don't have to impress me. You already did that when you went against everything you knew to help people who you didn't even know."

"I only did what was right," Drake said, but cut off any further argument by tugging her closer and pressing his lips to hers, one hand on her low back, the other at the base of her neck.

Cat let out a sound that was a mix of surprise and pleasure as she wrapped her other arm around his body and returned his kiss. Her only real kiss had been just earlier that day, with Drake so she didn't really know what she was doing. That being the case she decided to let him take control of the situation while she followed his lead.

Draco let out a small growl, tilting his head to deepen the kiss as his hands dropped to her hips pressing her against his body. Her nearness was affecting him, more than he wanted to admit, but he couldn't stand the idea of there being an inch between them as his lips gently explored hers.

Cat let out an actual moan as she pressed herself closer to Drake, responding to the pressure on her hips eagerly. Shifting her hands she wrapped both her arms around his neck letting her hands come up and tangle into his almost shoulder length hair as focused on the feelings that he was causing to rush through her body.

Drake moved away from her lips, kissing his way down her neck until he could nibble on the soft skin between her neck and her shoulder. He took a deep ragged breath, even as his fingers dug into her hips, "You are made of the stuff of dreams.... really really hot dreams."

Chuckling Cat bared her neck for him, her own breathing not all that steady either. "Apparently part of being an Efrit is inspiration and lust, and inspiring lust." She ran her hands down his back tracing the way the muscles in his back moved against her fingertips. "It's why the Payer boys have been insane about trying to get me lately." She knew there was a chance that that was what was between her and Drake but she owed it to him to be honest about her abilities, especially when she didn't know how to control the "do me" vibe that she seemed to put off.

"It's not just lust," Drake said, though he belied his words by continuing to nip her flesh, scraping his teeth a little as he leaned her back his hands now on her lower back and kissed down her collarbone, "yes, you are gorgeous," he kissed down her chest dropping kisses along the lace at the edge of her corset while he spoke, "insanely so. But you're just as beautiful on the inside, if not more so. And that's why I am here with you, barely keeping myself from throwing you on the ground and having my way with you right here."

Cat let out a little hiss as she locked her hands behind his neck and arched her back as much as the boning and stiff fabric would allow. At first she was content to simply rest her hands there and let him explore her exposed flesh, then she decided to give him a bit more to explore. Shifting just a bit she slid her hands between their bodies so that she could unbutton her coat and shimmy out of it. Once that was done she put her hands back on his shoulders, her fingers curling as she slipped them under the collar of his coat. "I feel the same way. You're the first guy I've ever actually wanted to kiss." She bit her lip as she blushed and looked at him shyly through her lashes. "Truth to tell I want to do more than just kiss too."

Drake rested his forehead on her chest and took a deep, steadying breath, only then did he sit up and look at her. He ran one hand down the side of her face, smiling, "Not tonight, tonight is just about kisses and sweet nothings. You deserve to be treated with care and respect, and even if it kills me, I will ensure we take our time. This is your first relationship," he kissed her, he couldn't help himself, pulling back with a lopsided little grin, "and you make me giddy, make me feel like it's my first too."

Cat wasn't sure why but his words made something warm flood through her. For once she wasn't a tag along or just a friend, he made her feel like she was really important to him and for some reason that made her feel like she could fly. "How do you do that?" She asked softly bringing her own hands up to cup his cheeks. "In just a few words you make me feel like I'm more than I am. You make me feel like I could do anything." She shook her head as she stared into his eyes. "I've never felt like this before."

"It's my irresistible charm," Drake said with a grin, kissing her lightly his hands running from her shoulders to her elbow, learning the feel of her, "I should take you back, before you turn into a pumpkin."

"I won't turn into a pumpkin, though I think a more populated area might keep me from throwing you on the ground and having my way with you." She chuckled as she echoed his earlier words back at him. She pressed her forehead to his before whispering, "but I don't want to go." She liked where she was. There was something more than just lust when she was with Drake. Despite the fact that she really did want to jump his bones just sitting with him made her feel special it also made her see some of the things others saw in her. Through his eyes she saw herself as more than something that wasn't worth love or time, she saw someone who was precious to others.

Suddenly she hopped up off of his lap. "Come with me. I have something for you." She held her hands out to him.

Drake got to his feet a little slower, his first few steps a little awkward as too tight fabric adjusted, but he put his hand in hers and let her lead him, a smile on his face.

Cat shot him a sweet smile before she darted off, practically dragging him along behind her as she sped back towards the dormitories. She didn't stop until they were outside her and Angel's room. Opening the door she tugged him inside.

Drake laughed as she ran and he jogged, his longer legs making up the distance, that is until they reached her door where he halted and would go no further. "No darling, it's far too dangerous for us to be that close to a bed together. I am likely to kick Angel out, lock the door and not let her back in for three days."

"Fine." Cat huffed and gave him a playful pout. "I'll be right back." The pout disappeared as she flashed him another bright smile and darted into her room. She didn't say a word to Angel as she finished shucking the coat that had been hanging half off of her arms and flipping up the rug on the floor so that she could get into the safe. It took her less than a second to bring out the copper lockbox that she had made. She slipped the ring that was sitting beside it onto her thumb before relocking the safe and heading back out the door.

"Home so soon?" Angel asked from where she sat on the upper bunk, she had her headset on with the voice changer and had obviously been kicking some ass on one of her video games.

"Just grabbing this." Cat held the box up as she opened the door to rejoin Drake with a triumphant grin. "Here. This is for you." She held the box out to him and slipped the ring off of her thumb to hand to him. "That's the key, I tried to make it something not girly but that would still have enough detail to work." She blushed as she handed the items to him.

Drake smiled as he looked at the gold ring on his finger and the copper box, but then he frowned tilted his head to the side, "Thank you, but what's this for?"

She blushed bright red as she looked down at the box in his hands. "For being you. I've made one for most of the others. It's so that you can keep precious things safe from Payers, I know there's a safe in your room but this helps keep your things organized too. I put the lock on partially out of habit and partially in case you forget to put it into the safe." She shrugged slightly self conscious. The box and it's contents had been something that she had planned on giving him at a different time but she had decided that the gift that Drake had given her deserved a gift just as dear to her.

Drake flipped the clasp on the ring, the key unfolding so he could slide it into the lock and turn it the box clicking softly as it came open. Carefully he pulled the ring out and opened the box, inside, cradled in velvet was a sculpture that looked like a next of flames. Pulling it from the box he held it up to the light and peered at it from different angles until he found one that let him see to the core of the flames where a copper dragon with amber eyes wrapped around a deep purple cat with turquoise eyes.

"It's wonderful," he said in a soft voice, carefully re-wrapping the sculpture and closing the box with another soft click, noting that it locked automatically. Setting it near the wall he bent enough to put her arms around his neck and gather her close, lifting her off her feet so he was hugging her and just holding her, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Like I said your eye color is really hard to get right." She grinned at him as she tightened her arms around his neck and held him close. Closing her eyes she just enjoyed the sensation of being held.

"Awww gag," Angel said from where she was watching from across the room, "Get a room you two, a room other than this one."

Cat leaned back and stuck her tongue out at her sister. "See my pains in the ass are even bigger than yours." She chuckled as she spoke.

"Bennie told me what she did," Angel said conversationally, "Signing off," she muttered into the mic before closing her computer and getting up, she still had yoga to do before bed, "And I wouldn't have been nearly as subtle, be glad she acted alone. You going to join me?" She asked this as she pulled her purple yoga mat from under Cat's bed and unrolled it.

Cat let out a softly evil laugh since there was no way she would be able to do yoga in a corset. Though somehow she didn't think Drake would be hanging around. But hey a girl could hope. "I really should." However she didn't let go of Drake's neck either.

Only once Angel had switched on the soft music and dimmed the lights, and raised both her brows at him, since everyone knew she couldn't raise just one, did he bend and set her feet on the ground. "I'll pick you up for breakfast tomorrow, then we can do whatever you want," he said, then kissed her softly, cupping her cheek.

"You know there are so many ways I could take that." Cat gave him an evil laugh as she kissed him back. "Now shoo. Or you're gonna get a show. Unless you'd like to stay for the floor show." She chuckled as she started for her wardrobe and pulled out a pair of her pajamas, AKA tank top and boyshort panties. "You're more than welcome, at least from my standpoint."

"I may have been raised catholic but I am not into flagellation," Drake laughed,waved at Angel who waved back playfully, then said, "Sleep well my dearest," before closing the door.

"Well pooh." Cat said before shrugging her shoulders and starting to take off her corset. "So how many boys did you make cry?" She asked Angel as she moved to put the corset away once it was off.

"A whole group of bulgarian barbarians," Angel said as she came over to help Cat undress, "They were pissing and moaning because I wouldn't let them leach with me in pure leveling gear. I don't usually aggro but the area we were in was really hard to get to. So I aggro'd them, they ganged up against me and I wiped the floor with them. Going to take them at least an hour to get back."

Cat laughed loudly as she shook her head. "Arch-Angel strikes again. You are evil."

Drake waited outside the door when he heard Cat's laughter, not because he was worried that she was laughing at him, but because he liked hearing her laugh. Only once it faded did he turn down the hall and go to his room where, he knew, he wouldn't get an ounce of sleep.


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