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Cat Did WHAT?

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2013 @ 10:36am by Fae of Fire Cat Random & Fae of Sky Maus & Celestial Angel & Guardian Brann Connolly

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Residential HighSchool Hall
Timeline: December 10, 2011 Evening right before dinner and after Running up the Hill

Cat had taken more than just her normal ten minute shower, taking time over her hair and shaving everywhere that needed to be shaved. As she stepped out of the showers she realized that she had absolutely no idea what to where, or even how to do anything to look good for a guy. She had no clue on how to do make-up, though she could braid her hair into any manner of intricate twists, and she had absolutely no clue what to wear. All at once her heart started pounding in her chest, and not in a good way, so she ran into the hall. For anyone so inclined it was probably a very memorable event, since Cat had failed to remember to even grab a towel as she bolted stark naked down to her and Angel's room.

The rascally redhead made his way toward the residential shower wearing only a pair of onionskin running shorts, grooming kit and bath towel in hand when Cat shot past at a dead run, naked as the day her parents handed her over to Jericho. Brann whirled about, watching her at first in surprise and then with cackling amusement. He looked up to the nearest point where he knew Maus mounted monitor cameras.

"Tell me you got that," he smirked. "PLEASE tell me you got that."

His phone squeaked like a mouse, like an acknowledgement.

Cat completely ignored the amused and in some cases appreciative stares as she ran into her room. She didn't stop until the almost plowed into her wardrobe. Flinging the doors open she suddenly went as still as a statue, staring into the depths of the wardrobe in something as close to a panic as anything Angel had ever seen from Cat.

"Bathroom on fire?" Angel asked from where she sat at her dresser pinning up her curls into one of the intricate updo's she usually styled.

Cat shook her head and looked over at Angel helplessly. "Drake asked to escort me to dinner and I realized, I have no idea how to be a girl." She gestured to Angel. "You're a girl, you do girly things like your make up and know how to walk in heels. I'm having a good day if I remember to take a shower and wash my face when I get done in the forge."

"Honey, shhhh," Angel said, taking Cat's upper arms in her hands, "Deep calm breaths, I got this. I'll get you ready in plenty of time. You don't need to be girly, that's what you have me for. You, finish drying off and I'll get you underthings to put on."

Cat nodded slowly before giving Angel a big hug. "Thanks Angel."

While Cat dried off with the towel Angel threw at her, the red head dipped into her own stock of lacy underthings and pulled out a pair of thigh high lace topped stockings, a garter belt and matching high cut black lace panties, finally she tossed a deep red corset on the pile. "I am going to put you in a corset so no need for a bra. Get those on then I will do your hair and makeup."

Looking at the lacy underthings like they were going to bite her Cat moved to comply. Putting things on in the order that they had come out of the drawer. So first came the stockings, then the garter belt and then the panties. Wrapping the corset around her waist she began the process of getting it on. Thankfully she knew how to put on a corset and even breath in one, since she actually found them to be much more comfortable than most bras.

Angel took the time to finish her own hair and makeup and put on her own underthings, all in tones of deep purple on black, but otherwise almost identical to what she'd given Cat though her corset was black with purple ruffles around the top. Then she swathed herself in a long robe to keep the makeup off herself.

Cat grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her shoulders. She began braiding her hair and twisting it up into an intricate up do of her own. One of the few girly things she could do, mainly because it was helpful when she was braiding and designing jewelry. "I'm gonna have to learn how to do this aren't I?" She asked looking over at Angel is something akin to dismay. "Be a little girly I mean."

Angel shrugged, poking through her closet for a dress for herself and something for Cat, "Drake fell for you, not me, you with the dirt smudges behind your ears, and the forge smoke in your hair. I think a few pointers to help you feel beautiful, to you, is all it's going to take."

Cat let out a snort. "Yeah but did he fall for me because of me or because I'm an Efrit? Is it just the lust thing I put out and the fact that Bennie likes me or is it just this really a real thing for him?" She sighed and looked over at Angel. "What if in a month he realizes that it's just lust? Or thinks I'm too much trouble and I'm not girly enough for him." She looked close to tears. "How do you handle this stuff? How do you know if a guy really likes you?"

Angel thought about that one while she pulled out a long purple skirt with three bustles held in place with fat black bows and a pair of knee high boots for herself. She didn't find what she was looking for in her closet for Cat so pushed her way through Cat's things until she found a can can style red skirt with black lace ruffles under it. For shoes she found a pair of Cat's that looked like they had never been worn a pair of over the knee black leather boots with a low heel.

"Well there's sex," Maus said from the door he was leaning against the jamb of, looking vaguely bored. "But that gets you as far as lust and I know you want more than just screwing around. So there's the courting part- holding hands, romance, flowers, gifts, being nicer than usual and making you feel special. And you should know what that's like since Jericho's been training us all at dinner, every day since we were out of disposable pants. Me?" he grinned, "I think he's crushin on you hard but there's a turning point between infatuation and deeper emotion and you've got to be aware of it and ready to accept that he might actually like you for you."

Cat looked at Maus with a small glare. "That's really not helpful you know." She sighed and tightened her grip on the towel around her shoulders. "Why does this have to be hard? I mean I'm not even sure if what I feel is just lust or something more. I've never done any of this stuff before, outside of dinner I mean."

Angel chuckled as she put red a collar around Cat's throat with a lacy ascot that came to the tops of her breasts, "As with most things in life, the fun is in finding out."

"Yep," Brann walked up behind Maus and threw one arm affectionately over his shoulder. The other arm vanished behind Maus to get a goose. "Consider it an information gathering mission if you have to." He dipped Maus simply because he was taller and stronger. Of course Maus was doing things that made him want to yelp and laugh at the same time but he kept up appearances - at least for now.

"What do you see in me?" He acted like a bad romance novel lover. "What do you want? I'm nothing, I'm just a poor little efrit child."

He let go of Maus abruptly, "He grew up a Payer, Cat. Pump him," Brann smirked cutely, "for information."

Maus responded with a hip toss to which Brann countered, a trip, abort, Maus grabbed his right wrist and pinned it under Brann's left armpit and off of Maus' ass for the moment.

"I think he might get offended by my pumping him before he's ready for it." Cat said with a small chuckle. She was thankful for her family's ability to make her laugh no matter how stressed out she was about something. "I mean I know he thinks he likes me, after all if it was just lust wouldn't he be trying to get into my pants any way possible?"

"Remember Mike," Brann pointed out. "The Payer who bruised your boobs in front of a room full of students and teachers? That's Efrit lust, I think - stupid, single-minded obsession with someone he didn't know. Now, how has Drake behaved?"

"Like I don't have boobs half the time." Cat smirked. "Then again he's always been better behaved than Mike, which isn't saying much. Poo flinging chimps are better behaved than Mike and his cronies." She shook her head. "He's a gentleman, I get that. I just don't know how to be anyone's girlfriend."

"He's interested in you, right?" Brann shook his head and gestured inquiringly, "So, why are you trying to be someone else?"

"And stop overthinking it," Maus told her. "'I know he thinks he likes me' sounds really arrogant, despite I know where that came from in you and I know you're not. It sounds judgmental and like you think you know what's going on it his head, which you don't and that's driving you nutbars." Maus paused for dramatic effect, "You know, you could always ask the man how he feels."

"It's a little early for that," Angel commented, holding up two different pairs of black spangly earrings, first to her own ears then to Cat's, "He's got a lot going on in that boy brain of his, the loss of his parents, worry for his sister, finding out he and Bennie aren't human, and being gaga for Cat, it's enough to make one's head spin."

A small figure in a poofy amber and black dress, white crinolines and hose, and little black heels with buckles slipped in behind Maus and Brann and pointed to one pair of earrings, "Cat should wear those," Bennie said as she perched on the edge of the bed, her hair was in a wild mass and she had clearly come here for help, "and you could just ask me how Drake feels, I sneak into his room and read his journal every few days."

"I'm not sure I want to encourage that behavior." Cat said with a thoughtful chuckle before grabbing a brush and gently taking it to Bennie's hair. She didn't want Drake to feel like his privacy was being invaded and then bandied about the building but at the same time she really did want to know how he felt. "I can't seem to stop over thinking it. Put me in the forge and give me metal and glass and I can make something out of it. Give me conversation and unless you're as blunt as a brick wall I just don't ever get the undertones. Which is why I'm asking these questions in the first place."

"Never overlook a resource especially when it volunteers," Brann nodded at Bennie. "Podlings are encouraged to snoop, remember? What are we dealing with in your brother, Bennie?"

Cat stuck her tongue out at Brann before turning her attention back to Bennie. "I said I wasn't sure I wanted to encourage it. Not that I wasn't gonna make use of it once it's done." She grinned as she began to braid Bennie's hair.

"Let me see, He's...." Bennie smiled impishly and handed Angel a wide sparkly bracelet for Cat to wear, she and Angel seemed to be on the same wavelength when it came to dressing her, "What's the word the stupid payer girls used to use..." she was obviously enjoying dragging this out, "oh yeah, he's sprung." She nodded sagely.

"What does that mean?" Cat asked with a confused look. "Sorry not up on Payer slang."

"Duh, it means he likes you, a lot, way more then that bitch Tiffany," Bennie said as she started poking through Angel's supply of hair do dads.

"Hands off squirt," Angel said pointing a makeup brush at her as she turned Cat to face her, "Close your eyes," she said to Cat as she began brushing on makeup.

Cat closed her eyes obediently. She was still really confused about this whole thing. She knew that she liked Drake, he was nice and his smile made Pterodactyls dive bomb in her stomach. She just didn't understand what he saw in her. "So any suggestions small fry?" She asked keeping her face as still as possible.

"Be your self," Bennie said as though that should have been the most obvious thing in the world, "if you try to be too much like her," the little girl pointed her thumb at Angel, "you won't be you, and he likes you, he's not at all interested in her... no offense but he thinks you are a little too.... his word was 'experienced.'"

Angel let out a merry chuckle as she finished Cat's shadow and tapped her shoulder, "Open and look up," she said softly before addressing Bennie, "He's not my type either don't worry, he's too pretty."

"I don't think he's too pretty." Cat said with a grin as she looked up. "So what kind of stuff does he like to do? I mean he's been a really good sport about sitting in the forge while I work on stuff, but does he skateboard or ride or anything else? Not counting cooking cause yeah I could burn the place down trying to do that."

"My riding teacher taught him before me, but he didn't love it, not the way I do," Bennie said thinking about her question, "He likes to read, and play guitar....hmmm I really don't know, he always seems to do what the other people around him do..."

"You could oh...ask him?" Brann breathed a long suffering sigh. "Conversation, talking, communication, it's an amazing concept so try it. Oh, and speak softly so he needs to lean close and sit close in order to hear you."

Cat rolled her eyes at Brann's remark. "I was planning on talking to him. I was just hoping for something to start off the conversation rather than hemming and hawing."

"I always found 'drop trou' to be a good starter," Brann rested his head against the doorframe, his fingers playing in the back of Maus' hair.

Angel watched the room a little wistfully as she finished Cat's makeup with a final few brush strokes and then mascara. "Alright, you're done, finish dressing while I do Bennie's hair," she said this, making sure to smack Cat's ass as she got up to get her moving, "On the stool little one. Want some make up while I'm at it?"

Bennie bounced off the bed and up on to the stool, frowning at herself in the mirror, "Not tonight, I don't want to overshadow Cat with my gorgeousness."

"Yeah, ‘drop trou' doesn't usually get conversation going." Cat said with a laugh as she shimmied into her skirt. The ruffles in the front hit her at about the knee while the back hit a bit below the middle of her calfs. "One of you boys wanna tighten me up?" She asked presenting her back to Brann and Maus so that they could tighten the ties for her corset. She grinned over at Bennie and shook her head. "Not hard to overshadow me small fry, I try and make it easy."

The genial guardian moved behind Cat and took hold of the corset strings. "Whatcha want," he asked with a sly little smile. He jerked a little, "Demure damsel." He tugged a little tighter, "'enticing empress,' or;" he yanked her to an hourglass figure but breathing was definitely optional.

"Mesmerizing madame?" Brann finished, watching Cat's reaction as one might study an interesting bug.

"I'm good with any of them." Cat said automatically changing how she was breathing to work with the corset.

"Enticing Empress," Angel coached, as she twisted Bennie's hair to one side and began curling the ends that stuck out the bottom, "Same for me when you get a chance?"

"Sure thing," The androgynous athlete offered Angel a nod and adjusted Cat's corset accordingly. "Lucky you," He smiled. "I have to call on Pike to help me with my corset."

Cat snorted. "Brann, sweetie, I can always put my knee in your back. Women have been helping each other into corsets for ages so we've developed methods." She gave him a sweet smirk.

"Cat, dearest," Brann flashed a sugary sweet and utterly sardonic smile. "You've been trying to put your foot up my ass since we were podlings. I doubt you would stop with your knee."

"Don't confuse me with Maus, sweetie. I'm taller than he is." She shot Maus an impudent grin to show that she was just teasing.

"HIS foot fetish," Maus glowered mocking at her, "not mine."

Cat let out a low chuckle. "What you two do in your room is your business."

Angel laughed merrily as she finished off Bennie's hair with small gem stones she snapped into the curls. "You're perfect darling," she said helping the younger girl down off the stool, then went to pull on her skirt so Brann could tighten her corset over it, "Alright now that we are done with the insecurity hour, I need a moment with Cat."

Angel went back to their wardrobe and closed the doors so the full length mirror showed, she took Cat by the shoulders and turned her to the mirror then met her eyes in the reflection. She spoke very low just to her roommate, "You are stunning, take a deep breath and enjoy tonight, don't worry about trying to be someone you aren't, he's falling for you, not anyone else."

"God save his soul," Brann snickered with a big grin to show Cat he only teased.

Cat gave Angel a small smile. "Thanks sweetie." She put a hand over her sisters before giving Brann a playful grin. "I don't steal souls."

"Nah," Bennie said turning her head this way and that to look at her reflection, "Boys give them to you for free."


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