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Light as a feather...

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2012 @ 9:15pm by Fae of Sky Maus

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Stark Academy, grounds and forest north of Stark Isle
Timeline: December 1st, 0941 local

Maus, while not an overly active person by Stark Academy standards, we still ran and swam, did gymnastics, acrobatics and practiced martial arts assiduously. He was healthy, in shape but he was physically smaller and weaker than his peers. Of course, nature compensated with his gigantic intellect.

He smiled to himself as he ran across the new snow, his feet barely marking the snow below him. As a small guy he didn’t weigh much and that helped with his gymnastics and acrobatics but it was a struggle to keep on muscle, Now, knowing what he knew about himself, the idea of muscle mass meant less and less. He was pretty sure he’d keep the same build even if he didn’t work out, as long as his self-image didn’t change to the idea of “fat”.

But that wasn’t something the ever-confident Maus had to worry about. Maus was sure of himself, knew his limits and made very sure he was never in a situation he couldn’t “Maus around”. While that meant he didn’t always push his limits on his own, his instructors and Masters did that for him plenty.

Now though, it was a bit different.

Maus was out here trying to test himself, to push his limits and see what would happen. Nobody was being particularly forthcoming with things for him, like Hulga had been with Cat or Angel had gotten visiting the other world. Pike had been aware of things a lot longer, Zach and Brann had been testing themselves against each other and Maus… was left to his own devices.

Pretty normal actually.

He ran across the snow, his bare feet not the slightest bit cold but that wasn’t really new. He’d never been much concerned with the cold, despite dressing warm-ish because he’d been told to do so as a child, just in case he got cold. What he paid attention to was how light he felt, how springy his steps were, how long his stride was and how little he impacted the snow.

He wasn’t leaving much in the way of tracks in the snow, his feet barely sank a quarter inch in the fresh snow and despite the sunlight streaming down, the snow hadn’t melted appreciably. His arms pumped as he sped up into a sprint, leaning forward slightly, his stride lengthened and turned almost into leaps of six feet or so. The clearing north of the castle flew past, the trees rushing up to him as suddenly he was amongst them, laughing softly as he almost flew through the slalom of ancient trees and underbrush.

Trees whipped past him as loose snow and leaves spiraled in his wake, he ran through the forest, gigantic trees surrounding him, their branches creaking in the sea-winds the winter storms had ridden through and brought the snow and ice to their islands. He felt the winds churning around him, saw the loose snow whipped out of his path ahead of him and felt the pressure of the trees as he seemed to fly past them. His hair thrashed around his head as if he was being swept by furious crosswinds which he, himself, seemed unaffected in any way except buoyancy.

Leaping into the air, Maus seemed to glide in a long arc to a thick tree and hit it with his feet, sprang off of it to change direction, somersaulting and twisting twice before coming to ground. He hit at a dead run so lightly he felt as if he had been lightly set down by a gentle parent, or his wire-fu was awesome. Heartened by this and strengthened by the way he felt, his energy, his speed, he charged towards the ravine in the north-eastern near the coastal cliffs.

Seeing the lip of the ravine that cracked the north-western corner of the island in the rockiest parts of the forest, he ran past the small peak Pike and Zach had used for their talk and leaped off the edge laughing, arms thrown wide, fifty-feet to the far side.

There was no doubt and no fear, only exhilaration and delight as he felt himself loft across the space in an arc, his speed only slowing slightly as he descended and landed several yards past on the opposite side of the ravine! He skidded to a stop, his feet scraping on the snow and ice as he slid for several yards before he managed to stop. Panting from excitement more than exertion, he stepped slowly to the edge of the ravine and confirmed to himself that he was actually on the other side, had indeed made the jump.

He grinned, tears streaming down his cheeks as he turned back from the span and trotted off to see what else he could do.


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