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Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2012 @ 9:06pm by Fae of Sky Maus

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Stark Academy, Residential Quarters, the Dungeon
Timeline: November 30, 2011 - 0310 am local

Maus’ eyes popped open and stared straight up at the ceiling above, the gentle breathing of his friend and roommate Brann below him soft in the near silence of the room. The hum of the server fan in the corner behind the wooden panel was barely audible to his ears which, he had discovered, had become superior to Human hearing. His eyes picked out the details of the ceiling above in the near-darkness as if there was a soft blue-white luminescence.

He heard a soft beep in the darkness and lifted his head, staring at the server. Without much effort at all he saw through the wooden covering that hid the wireless unit and its power supply, passing through the casing to see the glimmering blue spider-web threads of power running throughout the tower.

He focused on the tiny snarls and twists and knots of those threads and read in the maze of intricate weavings, the spiders that did his bidding. They had written a hidden meaning in their web and he spied it, deciphering it automatically. Silently he pushed off of the wall and shot sideways lightly, his lateral and then vertical course seemingly less under the affect of gravity and more the resistance of wind as he dropped slowly and lightly, silently, to the warmed stone floor below. Barefoot and in his underwear, he stepped to the laptop and touched the screen with his fingertip, tiny foxfire sparkles flickering around the edge of his flesh reaching to and from the screen. The screen remained dark but to Maus, it was alive with meaning and intent.

He placed his fingers lightly on the keys and began to type quickly on the silenced gel-supported sof-keys, running trails of commands and more as what he thought and what he entered layered themselves and strung out, pages of information and instructions unspooling on the screen two-to-five lines at the same time.

In two hours he had responded to the messages and the requests that had come in and had replied, accepted, encrypted and uploaded. He had made his own requests, had written new parts of programs he had been working on and embedded them in the mainframe at the Academy and to the phone network their phones used and the mausware in them. Maus’ fingers moved at a blur, his eyes never left the screen though they saw past it as data unfolded in his mind’s eye and into the laptop.

Suddenly his hands still as his ears caught a sound and he cocked his head, eyes to the right, watching from the periphery the door to their room as the whisper of the displaced air told him someone moved past on silent feet. They were good, whomever they were and that meant it was one of them, his family. His senses penetrated the door and into the hallway, the darkness behind his eyes lighting up in colorful whorls and eddies and streams, the small wake of a silent walker and the impression they made on the environment. Silently he smirked; Andy. That silhouette was unmistakable with all that gel in his hair, even this time of night.

He sat up and stretched, his back creaking slightly and his joints popping softly, Brann twitched in his sleep but didn’t wake; these sounds being familiar to him. After all, Maus had never slept much or for long his entire life and getting up during the night to work was an established part of how he functioned. He considered for a moment, felt his stomach echo a bit hollow and realized he wasn't going to be sleeping anything right now. A snack and some coffee would be good right now; maybe he could talk Andy into playing Halo or playing some Maus...


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