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Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2013 @ 5:54pm by Mystic Zachary Craft

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Wilderness
Timeline: December 4th, early morning
Tags: Zach,Mat

Mathias woke up just before sun rose has he had done every day since he could remember. Like all ferals, he was simply awake. He looked over a Trey who was half covered and nude under the blankets. A pale cheek easily seen in the minimal light offered the promise of fun to Mathias but decided against it, since last nights coupling had been particularly rough. He would leave Trey to his restful slumber this morning. He got up out of bed careful to make as little disturbance as possible but as normal failed.

“What are you doing?” mumbled Trey not really awake. He was a notorious light sleeper and if it had been a real threat, Mathias knew he would have been awake immediately.

“Waking up, go back to sleep,” Mathias replied quietly. Trey mumbled something incoherent and buried himself under all the covers on the bed. Mathias smiled and went to the bathroom to piss away his morning wood.

Zach woke up as he always did at 5am. He sat up in his bunk and reached and noticed there was a wet spot on his sheets, again. He mentally scolded himself at having another what Pike called a wet dream. They seemed to be happening with alarming frequency of late and he was unsure why. He shrugged and hoped down from his bunk his bare feet make a “slap” sound as he landed. Not bothering to see if Pike was awake he quickly donned on his workout clothes. Once dressed he headed out the door perfectly quiet careful to wake no one.

Mathias walked out naked as he often did and the bitter cold did not bother him. In fact for him and most of his kind they were rarely bothered by this layers weather as it was mild most of the time. He decided it would be a good day to have a run and started loping off to down the trail. As he ran his body started shifting. Unlike many of his pack he was not limited to just one shape but was able to assume the form and of any apex predator. He chose that off a large wolf. His fur was brindle in color and his eyes were pale moon stones. Soon he was off running at full sprint in the early morning dodging among tree and bush tail wagging.

He took off running once he came out of the tunnel near the stables. He started slow at first to warm up his muscles in the cool morning. He was wearing workout pant and matching hoodie both white. Soon after he knew his muscles were good and loose he increased his pace to what would be grueling for you average person. He pulled his ear buds out of his pocket and turned on his ipod. Soon he was lost in the beat of the run and dubstep.

After some time running Mathias stopped and sniffed the air. The air was full of scents that did not belong in the are and he took his time to sort them out. He was a fine tracker but not nearly as good as the twins were. He listed out what he detected in his mind: Rubber, cotton, ivory spring, sweat, and sex. He smelled Zach and new he just passed by not 1 minute ago. He was running the path that would take him back to pack. Mathias let out a low growl, Jericho was going to have his head mounted if Zach continued to return. He shook his head wildly and then took off after Zach.

Zach never heard Mathias’ approach from behind nor when he passed. He suddenly looked up and before him stood the largest wolf he had ever seen. It was easily the size of a sedan with wide eyes and black obsidian teeth gleaming in the morning light. The wolf did not make a sound it just stood before him looking with it’s tail slowly wagging. Zach just stood still and stared take by surprise of the whole thing. He quickly recovered though and started analyzing his options.
“You must be one of the pack? Yes?” asked Zach directly. He knew in this situation he would not be able to fight back. The wolf sat in response.

“I am Zach, I visited several days ago and I was just running this way to work out. I am not in trouble am I?” he asked straight forward. The wolf stood back up on all fours and walked slowly at Zach. Zach made not move at all but stood still. He did not meet everyone he knew and had no clue who this person actually was. The wolf walked up and put his large snout on against him covering his chest and sniffed.
“Is this entirely necessary?” he asked pointedly. The wolf let out a chuckle mixed with a growl. Then the wolf’s form shifted into human form and before him stood… “Mathias” Zach uttered.

“Greetings to you Zach. What brings you so far from the school?” he asked. He stood naked before Zach in the morning sun.

“Exercise,” replied Zach

“Really, do you always work out just after you have had sex?” asked Mathias. Zach did not reply but blushed deeply and again, Mathias noticed, Zach seemed completely unaware he had. “Why are you blushing?”

“I am blushing?” Zach asked. “I did not have sex this morning. However I did appear to ejaculate in the middle of the night, while sleeping. I am unsure why but it has been an issue that has been happening with some frequency.”

Mathias sighed. This boy was clearly damaged. “Well, I am sure the nurse will be able to provide light on that for you. However Zach, I need to talk to you about the pack before you part ways”
Zach nodded that he was listening.

“You cannot come around here anymore. It is forbidden and if you return you will cause no end of issue for me and mine.” He replied.
“Why? I have done nothing wrong, that I have been made aware of. Not to mention, I was not coming to see any of you, I was just running this route, much like I was last time.” Zach stated.

Mathias had to admit, he had a point. Why did he stop Zach? “Either way, please stay away from the Pack. Jericho…”

“Jericho? She is the reason you are saying this to me?” Zach replied. Now his face flushed red not with embarrassment but with anger.

“There is no need to be angry Zach. I have a contract with Jericho. Part of that agreement is to remain separated and “hidden” from the students at all time. Not to reveal my true form…”

“So running around as a giant wolf that does not exist in nature anywhere, does that count?” Zach was getting further angry.

Mathias swore in his mind. Again he was right, why would he have done that? Everything could do wrong he seemed to be doing wrong and now he was making it worse. “Zach, please be at peace. I would love to have you…” and Mathias stopped mid-sentence. He would like to have Zach around. He was not sure why but he knew it was proper to do so. He was a Shifter and despite the agreement he had with Jericho he was not limited by such “civilized” notions. Zach needed to be around, Luna had clearly pointed that out. He had even growled at Grams regarding it as well. Ferals live and die by instinct, his told him that Zach needed to be around.

“Zach, you can come to the pack at any time you wish. I will make sure that rest know that it is my wish for this to be so. You will never need to fear us, we will never judge you. You can come and just be,” he stated.

“Jericho?” he asked as the color of rage drained from his face.

“I will deal with the consequences of that action. It is not for yours to concern with” he replied.

Zach nodded and put his buds back in his ears. He then, with a nod to Mathias, continued on his run.

“I am in a world of shit” Mathias stated as he walked back to Camp.



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