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Feral Thoughts

Posted on Mon Nov 26th, 2012 @ 1:11pm by Mystic Zachary Craft

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Luna Grotto of the Wilds
Timeline: December 9th

The moonlight peaked through the dense canopy of the forest. He bathed everything in a silvery light that made what it touched sparkle but also seemed to remove all color. The trees were a mixture of giant Oaks, Redwoods and Birch with impossibly large roots that formed the walls of the natural grotto of the Luna Claw pack. IN the center was a large lake that had a sandy beach on one side and large out cropping of rock on another. A small waterfall fell filling the night air with organic white noise. At the top of the out cropping sat Mathias. Despite the time of year he was naked and appeared to be comfortable in the crisp air. He looked around and saw is pack mostly in the natural forms sleeping in the open air. Without looking he knew that those on sentry duty were lurking in the shadows keeping watch on the pack. One did not simply sleep in the wilds without keeping some kind of watch. Luna was not forgiving for the unwary or the stupid.

Mathias thoughts wandered to Zach as they seemed to do unbidden lately. A poem many of the cubs are taught rang in his mind. His thought were disturbed by the slightest whisper in the wind. If he had not grown up all of his life with Grams he would have never known she had just landed next to him. He looked over and saw her in her true form. She stood 6 foot tall barn owl. Her plumage was mixture of Ivory and chocolate. Her eyes gleamed in the moonlight full of wisdom and predatory measurement.

“Good evening Gram’s, may Luna sharpen your senses” the traditional greeting given to the elders in any pack. Her form shifted smoothly in to her human form. She, like Mathias was nude, as clothes were not acceptable here in the wilds.

“Evening Ursais. Why are you up, did you not get your fill in today’s celebration?” she asked as she kneeled down next to him but behind him.

“Yes, I did though I am not sure how much Trey enjoyed it” he grinned to himself. She did not reply but waited until Mathias was read to continue. “Tell me bird, what do you know that Zach boy who visited us, not to long ago?”

“He is trouble for everyone,” she replied flatly.

Mathias nodded and waited for her to continue. To see if his thoughts matched hers.

“He cannot hear or feel his heart. He fights without passion and will kill for no reason. I have seen the boy in fights multiple times and he is only stopped buy the one known as Pike or one of the instructors. Why?” she asked

“I dunno, his scent still sits my home and every time I get wind of it…” he trailed off leaving the thought unsaid.

“The agreement is that we do not interact with the students at all, we are to protect the outlying area from intruders or to come to aid when called. If you are thinking what you are then you must not allow the boy to find us again, we should move the pack when we return,” she stated flatly.

A low guttural growl issued from Mathias and Grams realized she had overstepped her bounds. “Apologies Ursais, I meant only to make a recommendation not to tell how to run the pack.” He did not turn to look at her.

“I know you fear and care for me. The boy does stir something in me and I would explore it more. We will not hide from him, we will allow him back. You, will teach him about us and our ways. We are a hard people but we are also a passionate one. Maybe we can show him how to hear his heart and maybe we might be able to save lives.” He said hopefully.

Grams shifted back into her true form and fluttered off into the night, fearful and hopeful of what was to come.


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