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Introduction of Fur

Posted on Tue Nov 6th, 2012 @ 12:28pm by Mystic Zachary Craft
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Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Gypsy Camp
Timeline: Dec 4th evening.
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The air was bitter cold and threatening snow. For some reason though, no snow had fallen yet. The surrounding ever green trees huddled together against the biting cold and no movement but cold wind could be heard. Zach stepped out into the cold wearing thermals under his winter running clothes. Out of habit that seemed to be born into all residents he was wearing clothes that would match his surroundings. He breathed out slowly admiring his breath and then pulled his scarf up his face. He stretched carefully to reduce possible injury and then he started off on an evening run.

Today Zach was going to try something new and go across the island. He had grown tired of running the grounds and figured he was due for a small change of scenery. Of course, Zach was still sixteen and did not think to tell anyone about his plans. He did is normal first lap around the island then headed to the shallows that crossed the shortest body of water between island and mainland when the tide was out, it was shallow enough to wade in. Across the island was a national park of some kind and he was sure during this time of year no one would be around to possibly notice him.

Zach ran for quite a while and after some time he started to get a sense that he was being watched. At first the feeling was no more than annoying wind among pleading trees but soon it went from itch to full scale warning. Zach was now being followed and he knew it. Zach stopped and made a show of catching his breath. Then he kneeled down to tie his shoe. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement in some brush that was not as thick as it should have been. Zach then stood up and frowned. He took out his ear buds and then pulled out his mp4 player and looked at it. Pretending the batteries are dead. He carefully pulled the ear buds out and carefully wrapped them. And put them in one pocket, then took the mp4 and as he went to put into his pocket he missed and it fell onto the ground. Mumbling to himself, he squatted down to make sure it was unharmed. He stood up and then continued on his run back in the direction he came.

Zach continued running and rounded a corner of tightly packed trees. He came to a sudden halt because sitting on a very low hanging branch had to be the largest barn owl he had ever seen.

“Who, whoo, who, whoo” it hooted at him as it turned its head sideways looking at him.

“I am Zach” he responded realizing he was talking to an owl. Nonetheless, “I am from the school, and was just running a new route” he explained. The owl took off in a near silent lift off and headed north. Zach shrugged blowing off the exchange as random as he was about to start running again he heard a strange sound. It sounded like music but he could not be sure. He listened to get a bearing and then went in that direction silently. After a while he came upon a large clearing. There were 5 campers of various sizes sitting in a circle and in the center of that was a large fire. Around that were a group of people singing and dancing. Their dress was bright and cheerful and laughter filled the air. There was a large dear spinning slowly over the fire and a large keg of beer being freely tapped. The music was coming from what appeared to be a stereo system that used mp4 technology. The style of music was a mixture of classical and dubstep that made no sense but worked.

Having lost his ability to pay attention to his surroundings he did not even sense when something had sneaked up behind him. He felt a tap on the back of his head and a voice that sounded like gravel being crushed against broken glass “Turn around slowly, boy”.

Zach turned around and saw a man in all green, gray and brown clothing. His beared was wirey and thin and seemed to have small patches missing where scarred skin showed through that matched his balding grey hair as well. His eyes were grey and friendless. I his hand he held a antique rifle that was out dated 100 years ago. The man appeared alone. Zach as always quickly assessed and realized immediately that the rifle did not work.

“What are you doing here boy?” he said in a thick southern accent.

“Running, I heard music and came to investigate since this is considered a wilderness sanctuary. Also, you can put the rifle down since he does not even work” replied Zach

He lowered the rifle “So you are a smart one huh. Well we don’t like trespassers round here none.”

Zach tilted his head “Does everyone talk like you here?”

The man snarled an animal snarl and lashed out at Zach faster than Zach could react. A fist connected to the side of his head and he collapsed unconscious. He woke with a hell of headache and in a pull out bed. He looked around and realized he was in one of the mobile campers. It was small but clean and comfortable. Staring at him was an older lady wearing a white dress covered in a brown and white fur coat of some kind. Her eyes were large and golden and her nose was small a neat if slightly hooked.

In a voice that reminded him of hot chocolate and clouds, “You will have to forgive Jobu. He is an old bitter cur of a man, who tends to over-react.”
Zach’s head pounded hard and he shook to chase away the woozy. “Jobu? Was that the old man with the broken rifle?”

“Yes” the older woman chuckled. “I have no clue why insist on carrying that thing around. My name is Corneila but most here just call me Grams”

“I am Zach” he replied and tried to stand. Gram was quickly up and stabilizing him.

“Easy cub, you will be fine but Jobu is by no means a weak man.”

“and very fast” replied Zach.

“That too” she thought for a moment “I suppose”

They walked outside and Zach saw that it was well after dark. “How long have I been out?”

“About 3 hours. We were worried about internal damage but I am mostly sure you are fine.” She replied.

“How?” asked Zach

“You are still alive” she replied matter of factly. She nodded to the narrow door and helped him out. Zach stepped out to a dark night lit by a large fire. Around it were the same mishmash of people in various brightly colored clothes. The deer that was roasting earlier had now been moved off the fire and pieces had been cut out already. Laughter filled the air with music now coming from a gentleman with a fiddle.

“Grams!! How is the cub?” called out a large gentleman sitting in a large worn carved rocking chair.

“He will live. Though his pride has suffered greatly” she said as she ruffled his hair.

The man stood up and walked over to Zach. He stood at 6’8” and looked to weigh well over 350lbs though most of it was not fat. He had olive tan skin with straight short brown hair. His eyes like Zach’s were off color. One was gold and the other silver. He wore blue slacks with a white loose shirt open at the chest. Over that he wore a purple vest. Nestled in his thick chest hair was a silver medallion of a bear paw with claws and in the center was a ruby in the shape of a heart. “My name is Mathias, though this pack of thieves calls me Ursais. I must apologize for Jobu. He is long of tooth and short of wits but he means well when it comes to protecting us” he said with an out stretched hand.

“Understood” Zach replied but did not take the out stretched hand. Something was off here but he could not place his finger on it. “Who are yall? I mean, I have seen most of you before. Yall tend the grounds of the school. But what are you doing out here?”

“Curious as a cat, aren’t we?” Replied Mathias.

“Ursais, I would talk to you before you talk to this outsider!” came Jobu’s voice.

“Then speak Jobu. In the open so all may partake of your wisdom” replied Mathias

“We should kill him” replied Jobu flatly. Before anyone could respond Zach burst into motion. He ducked down to drop out of Grams’ grip and then leapt straight in the air. At the same time he reached and drew out a dagger out of the back of Mathias’ belt. Using Mathias’ shoulder as a second jump point he leapt further in the air at Jobu. He landed on Jobu, too shocked to move, both feet on each of his shoulders. He fell to the ground with Zach on top of him. Zach placed the dagger against his throat and said “Try it and you die first.”
Mathias just sighed, “Please forgive Jobu, it is rumored that he was dropped repeatedly on his head most of his life. He tends to talk out of his ass and therefore all of his ideas, stink. Please, let him up. No one is going to kill you.”

Zach got up slowly and backed away from Jobu but held on to the dagger. Mathias did not press the issue yet.

“Zach, you are tired and it is too late to return to the castle. Please retire to my abode and sleep well.” He turned to stare at Jobu, “No one will bother in there”. It seemed a command.

“Come deary, let’s go inside.” She guided him inside.

Once inside Zach could still hear them outside and the conversation was interesting.

“YOU STUPID MUTT!! Do you not remember the contract with the Pale Fairy. What do you think she would do if she found out about this? I swear Jobu if she comes for pack blood, you will die first by my claw!!!” what followed was a snarl that kinda shocked.

“How was I to know that mewling belonged to anyone? He was creeping about like snake in the grass!!” Jobu said, then a high pitched whined followed but Zach was not sure where ti came from.

“He REEKS of her and the school. The contract is simple, we make sure that the surrounding area and the island is protected. THAT INCLUDES THE YOUNGLINGS. Tonight you nearly killed him. If it was not for Grams he would be dead” roared Mathias.

“I protect the pack as you shoul….” The sentence was not finished as it was interrupted by a growl and a squeal. The sounds confused Zach to no end. Someone walked in behind Zach and he jumped.

“You know cub. It is rude to listen in on conversations that do not concern you” said a male voice that smooth. Zach turned around and saw a man standing naked in the doorway. His body was dancer built but slightly thinner. His hair was red with gold highlights. “My name is Trey. I am Mathias’…partner of sorts. Why are you in our bed?”

“He told me to sleep in here and grams brought me to this room. My apologies I will go out to the living room.” Zach replied.

“Don’t. It looks like he is going to be a bit anyway so you might as well stay. So do you like to cuddle?” He asked slyly

“Cuddle?” zach asked.

“Oh, you have never cuddled before? It is the best thing. It is like sex but cleaner and sometimes nicer” Trey purred at him.

“I don’t cuddle” Zach replied flatly.

“Awww come on. Everyone cuddles.” Replied demurely and crawled into bed next too Zach.

Zach had no clue how to react he jumped out of bed. “This is clearly inappropriate. I apologize for the intrusion. I will go the living room.” Zach walked out of the sleeping area and back.

“How deliciously repressed that one is” replied Trey to himself as he crawled into bed.

Zach sat on the couch trying to calm down. He was clearly in an environment that was not only new but completely strange. The people here acted in ways he had never seen before. The noises seemed to be a mix of animal and human. He sat and stared no longer paying attention to the noises outside. After about an hour Mathias walked into the large mobile home.

“Zach, I thought you would be asleep by now. I hope we have not kept you up?” Mathias asked.

“No. What are yall?” He asked flatly.

Mathias stared for a moment and then shrugged. If Luna did not want the boy to know about them he would not have been sent here to them. “We are what are called Shifters, we can change our shapes though our forms are limited”

Zach nodded as if that explained everything but really it did not. “So what are you doing here?”

“We have an agreement with Princess Jericho. We provide grounds security both on and outside the island in exchange for the living here in the forest. We serve as grounds keepers during the day and at night, well lets just say you never see us at night but we are there. Now, enough of this serious talk. Why are you not in bed?”

“Umm I think you boyfriend wanted to have sex me with me and I, well, I did not…I do not want to be rude or get him in trouble,” Zach stammered.

Mathias laughed loudly “No worries. That is Trey my chosen mate. He probably wanted to cuddle yes?”
Zach nodded

“I have to apologize. I am not use to outsiders and our ways are unique to ours. He did not want to have sex with you although he would not refuse the offer. He just wanted to sleep next you. Sleep well out here if you wish, though the bed would be more comfortable to be sure” Mathias stood up and walked back to his bedroom. He came back out naked and holding a folded blanket.

“Here you go cub. Sleep well” he said warmly and went to bed.

The next morning Zach was running back toward the castle. Confused by what just happened. He was told that he was always welcome back to visit the pack if he wished. Zach was sure he would go back but he could not understand why. The other thing he could not understand was how he ended up waking up between Trey and Mathias naked the next morning.

Strange times.


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