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Talking More 2.1

Posted on Fri Dec 21st, 2012 @ 3:55pm by Fae of Sky Maus & Fae of Fire Cat Random & Celestial Angel & Guardian Brann Connolly
Edited on on Fri Dec 21st, 2012 @ 3:56pm

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Stark Academy, orphan quarters aka cellars
Timeline: December 3rd Morning

"I think we ARE the spirits of this world Brann," Maus observed quietly. "And I think the World is waking us to defend her."

"I meant our raising the dead but you have a point." Brann flicked Maus a dry smirk and then he tilted his head, as something only just occurred to him. "If we have to touch rings and say 'by our powers combined' I'll mix us each a Drano cocktail."

Maus glowered slightly, "I've only got ONE ring that does anything special it it's too big for any of my fingers."

"Stop bragging," Brann snorted.

Angel laughed and rolled her eyes, "I am sooo not touching that ring."

"I'm not touching the topic." Cat said primly, though her eyes twinkled with suppressed laughter.

"Yeah I don't think we're doing the whole dead-raising thing," Maus frowned thoughtfully. "Some of us..." he paused and waved that away, "anyway, none of us are likely going to be raising any dead."

"From what I've gotten so far I'm not going to be raising the dead." Cat said with a thoughtful frown. She knew that she could stand in an inferno and not get so much as singed, and according to Angel's dream she would be able to throw fire as well.

"Unless they're straight males," Maus quipped.

"They still need a pulse for me to raise that." Cat snorted.

"Until we have empirical evidence otherwise." Maus smirked, "I'd argue the point."

"He has a point," Brann stepped behind Maus and slipped hands around his waist, resting a chin on his shoulder. "None of us know what we can do."

"I can sit in the forge and be more than fine." Cat said with a slight blush. "Maus and I have always been able to handle the cold without an issue." She shrugged as she continued. "And I never had really realized. I work in a forge, my clothes are tattered that I wear in there, but I have not one single burn scar. And Angel's dream hinted at things we'll be able to do. Things like that Covenant thing and Angel's wings. It's not that we don't know what we can do, we don't know how to unlock what we can do." She gave each of her siblings a look. "I think that's why Jericho wants us to talk things over. So that together we can discover the key, I think she's not supposed to give us the key."

"That's a valid conclusion," Pike remarked casually as he and Zach returned from their jaunt.

Angel glanced at them, but didn't comment, her need to fix the situation was gnawing on her but she knew now wasn't the time, "I wonder if there is some way to induce a Vision? I mean, information is really key here, if there were some way for me to ... I don't know, ask for another one?"

"Maybe meditation? Trying to open yourself up to whatever it is that causes them?" Cat offered even as she laid a hand on Angel's arm. She knew Angel had a make it better mentality and so lent her support of the other girl's patience.

"From what I've heard it seems that Celestials and Guardians get their powers from a 'higher power' of some sort," Maus frowned as he said that. "Maybe the visions are granted, when needed?" he asked and shrugged.

"Or need?" Zach replied picking up his abandoned glass of water.

Brann nodded in agreement with Zach. "Like what happened yesterday. By the way, how are you feeling?" He offered a look of shame mixed with concern.

"Just some fist shape bruises on my ribs, little else. I do not mean to insult you but feel no shame, I manipulated that entire fight to that end result. Willingly," replied Zach in a matter of fact voice.

"I caught on to it by the end," Brann nodded in understanding. "I want to pick up with our sparring only not so...intense. I can't do my job is I can't begin to hold my own against you. I'd like if you helped bring my skills to spec."

"Well if you're a Guardian," Maus made a curious face at Brann, "doesn't that sort of mean your "skills" are about 'getting in the way and taking it like a man'?"

"To be honest, I don't know," Brann shrugged. "I assume so but Zach pointed out a severe weakness in my skills. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense--" he cast Maus a sidelong little smile, "Something you know very well."

Zach just nodded. Choosing not to express any thoughts on the matter at hand as it did not seem to be pertinent.

"I may try meditation," Angel said still thinking about her vision. Internally she admitted to herself that she'd been thinking pot over meditation, but she was open to it.

"So now we know Angel sees visions. I can sit in the heart of the forge and the only thing I have to worry about is my clothes burning off." She looked around at the other. "Anyone else notice anything new and unusual?"

"It's gotten easier to understand programming and the electronics I've been working on," Maus replied with a wry look. "Been shocking myself on stuff a lot more too."

"Gold armor appeared over my arms and shoulders yesterday while me and Zach were experimenting." Brann added.

"That's because he was going to put a stick through your head," Maus pointed out. "Which you earned."

"It worked, didn't it," Brann retorted.

"If by 'worked' you mean 'nearly alienated one of your siblings to satisfy some weird need for couch-time and meds'," Maus snorted, "sure, that's what I meant."

"We can't play it safe anymore, hon, you know that." Brann slipped an arm around Maus' waist and leaned close with a soft voice. "We took every safety measure we could but there are never any guarantees."

"No I mean your whole issue with the fact that these," he poked Brann in the right cheek, "aren't what we actually look like, that these are for our protection and you think that it matters so much and it makes you angry."

"Hey, we all grew up thinking we were human. Maybe you picked up on it sooner but I didn't." He paused to reflect. "It has been an...adjustment."

Zach chimed in "How emotional. I feel power crawling behind my eyes and under my skin. Like a bored Rottweiler in a cage of wood, gnawing. Also, it seems change is less upsetting than previous experiences."

"Kind of arrogant and contemptuous of you Zach," Maus observed and shrugged. "I look at the cool of it. I mean this is a pair of clothes, essentially, we wear all the time. But see, it's been implied we can change it. So," he made a thoughtful plotting expression, "I could be tall."

"Ooooh," Brann grinned wickedly, "The possibilities."

"I just wanted to see what it was like to be you Maus, I do not prefer it." he retorted with an even flat tone that neither implied malice or sarcasm.

Brann leaned to whisper in Maus' ear with a dry little smile, "Hon, you remember he's a borderline sociopath and his balls just dropped? I'm still achy after our last encounter."

Maus smirked and gestured at Zach, "'Not what I meant at all Zach but its cool, it's good to see you broadening your weapon selection."

Zach nodded and allowed the matter to drop.

Angel yawned, her jaw cracking loudly then looked around wide eyed, "Sorry! I'm not bored it's just.... I spent most of the night in a vision, then writing it all out and drawing it, then retelling everything in that other world..."

"So you disappeared and reappeared in what seemed like the same space," Maus reasoned out, "but it's a different..." he waved a hand, "whatever. What was different about the other place?"

"Good point to start," Brann agreed. "Paint a picture for us, Angel."

Angel closed her eyes and thought it over, "The castle seemed more 'lived in' happier as well, the people though... Jericho was just larger than life... like literally she was bigger than usual and had," she traced two zig zagging lines down her face, "marks on her face. There was a boy there about our age tracing runes in the air Sylfi said it was like homework."

"How did you get there?" asked Zach

"Sylfie imported us, that's the word she used," Angel said her brow furrowing, "She called me Sky Sister, she was taller than me, tan, blue eyes and hair, and she made me promise not to try it until I was trained."

"So what else happened while you were over there?" Maus asked.

"Well," Angel said considering then just started talking, "we ran into another student who was drawing symbols in the air then she took me into was looked like a mix of a conference room and a war room. That's where Jericho and the others were, there were two men, one woman, one of the men and the woman were in armor, and the other man.... he was a forest father or forest lord? I can't remember exactly but while I was there I just knew what he was. When I walked into the room I suddenly was dressed in that outfit and I had wings, really heavy, threw off my balance something fierce. They had a special chair that let me sit with my wings out behind me and then they had this other student come in only a little older then us. And he hooked my laptop up to some crystal thingy that projected my writing and the images up into the air."

"There's a clue," Brann sat forward. "Maus, you're all over the computer system here. What do you think about the crystal thing she mentioned?"

"Holography is cutting-edge technology in mobile media but stuff in the other place with all the magic stuff?" He shrugged, "Dunno if it's a parallel or not. Seems like it could be but I don't know squat about it." The part where he said 'yet' wasn't spoken aloud but they all heard it.

Brann shook his head unsure about that just happened. He then turned with a sly leer, "Telepathy now? That opens a door to so many...possibilities."

"It was implied dummy," Maus popped him on top of the head, "And if I had telepathy, all I'd hear from you would sound like a cross between Adam Lambert and Captain America with a dash of Julie Andrews thrown in."

"Bitch, bitch, bitch," Brann flashed a smug smile. "And yet you keep coming back for more."

"I'm sure if you had any competition things might be different," Maus drawled back, baiting Brann.

"Leave Draco out of this," Brann smirked.

"Please lets," Cat said with a wry grin.

"Actually until now he wasn't even on my radar," Maus replied thoughtfully and turned to Cat. "I only want part of him and its not even the same part you do. How about it?"

"Who he screws is none of my business." Cat said primly, hoping like hell that the blush she could feel trying to steal up her face was firmly leashed.

Zach was exhausted with the sparring match with Brann and the confrontation he had with Pike and now once again the conversation had been redirected back to sex somehow. He shook his head and wondered if everyone else lacked such...focus. "Thank you for sharing Angel. It is time for me to go for a run.," and he headed out to go out for a run back to the pack.

"Later Zach." Cat said absently. "So we know that there is some kind of holographic, be it technological or magical. What happened after your writing and pictures were up on the screen?" She turned back to Angel.

"Laughter, and lots of frowning, and then Jericho said that the fact that I had issued a prophesy was disturbing, worrisome, disheartening, amazing and surprising." Angel ticked these off on her fingers, "There wasn't a lot of decision making or direction, they just all asked me about what I saw, and some how it came around to the fact that there is another still living Harbinger, one of my relatives apparently and then Jericho admitted that she knew or knew of most of our parents."

"I figured that much," Maus nodded slightly. "It seems like in this community, or whatever we are, people are tight."

"Yeah, Hulga let slip something like that to me too." Cat said with a nod.

“Anything else?” Maus asked.

"Ummmm." Cat thought hard for anything else that Hulga had mentioned. "Just the fact that your mom handed you to Jericho herself. They all decided that we would be safer here while our parents went out and faced whatever it is that was after them. Probably those Ur things." She said after a moment. "Oh and I'm fire proof."

“I wish we knew more about all that,” Maus sighed grumpily. “But its not like there’s an internet for me to go look things up on.”

"You sure there's not?" Cat asked cocking her head to look over at Maus. "There has to be some kind of records. Maybe in the other Academy?"

“And we get there how?” Maus asked pointedly.

"Ask?" Cat said with a raised brow. "Certainly can't hurt."

"The most they can do is say 'no'." Brann considered it.

“Let me know how that goes,” Maus nodded to the others. “Jericho and the others are keeping their distance lately so I’m not going to push it.”

"Maybe they're doing that to let us work our way toward what we need to be doing." Cat said thoughtfully. "Jericho was apparently there when Angel needed her last night, so they are there when we need them."

"So do we 'need' that right now?" Maus asked, head cocked, curious.


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