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Posted on Sun Aug 26th, 2012 @ 3:34pm by Celestial Angel

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Cat and Angel's room
Timeline: December 2nd-3rd

Angel woke with a start, her entire body slamming into the bed. She sat upright, throwing off her damp blankets and jumping down from her bunk.

She ignored Cat, not even acknowledging if the other girl woke as she scrambed for her new laptop and dragged it up into her bunk with her. "I have to get this down before I forget," she muttered as she opened a word processing document on the shared drive Maus had set up for them and started to type.

The fog of sleep faded as the dream took hold of me. I was breathing heavily and felt tired, not actual weakness in my limbs but just a... waning of my internal energies I guess, I’d used up a great deal of it already somehow. Okay, I’m on a battlefield somewhere with this white mist all around me and my allies. Allies? That was the word in my mind but somehow I knew it wasn't just faceless people, these so called allies were my friends, my siblings, Cat, Brann, Maus, Zach. They are nearby, and I am trying to find them but the enemy is trying to keep us apart.

This mist or fog or whatever it is, is an unnatural production of the Ur, a sort of airborne slime. Somehow I know it’s meant to obscure and infect us with their taint. But I am proof against them as long as I am wearing my raiment, the armor that Zach mentioned? On top of that, my natural vision as a Celestial is superior to it in most places, giving me almost unimpeded sight.

Angel pushed her curls out of her eyes and looked at the screen, she had no idea who the Ur were, but the name was still in her mind. She set her hands to the keys again typing as fast as she could.

From the left and the right groups of Ur-Bane rose from the corpses of my fallen allies and charged me. Not allies like the others, these are the nameless masses though I can feel tears burning in my eyes at the thought but I know there is no time for tears, only action. Almost without thought I leap into the air to spin a complete circle, my wings are not new, they are just a part of me, spreading and aiding me in the maneuver and shielding my torso and legs as I draw and form Shining Shafts on my bow, firing almost nonchalantly into each group, left then right, not even looking most of the time but knowing that the shafts of Celestial Light slam into them and fling them backwards to dissipate back to mist before they struck the ground. Their cries of anguish echo hollowly as I extinguished the Malice that animated such creations. I put them to rest and give their souls peace. Or at least I can hope that is what I am doing, that the Malice hasn't sent their souls to some dark place of unending torment.

But these thoughts can't slow me as I land smoothly and dash forward, my wings folding against my back and shoulders but remain half mantled, ready.

As I run an Ur-blade arcs out of the darkness at a speed that no mortal could have detected, anyone else would have been slain before they realized they were in fact dead. But not me, I slowed time between second so I could see it, recognize it, plot it’s trajectory and instinctively react. My right wing moved forward and as my mind sent the order, Celestial Iron manifested as feathers and the weapon struck and deflected from my wing, leaving no damage to me, though the force of it blasted around me, lifted my hair and blew corpses away behind and to the sides for dozens of yards.

Angel went back and reread the words, she wasn't sure why but she knew she had to get this down, now, and just right.

I could see the creature that had thrown the blade, an Ur-Lord, a many limbed monstrosity crafted of the parts of dozens of powerful Shadowkin. Again I just know what to call it. It had no head; the eyes were mounted in the torso, covered by Iron Giant forged plate; possessed of six arms and six legs, it fought with each arm independently and battled against each of siblings.

With a backhanded blow it knocked Maus off of its back where the smaller Stormdancer had been attaching some clever device, Maus was flung away into the air and landed a dozen yards away unharmed. Angel's smile spread as she watch Maus, he was always doing something like that, some dohicky or thingamajig that did amazing things. The Ur-Lord raised a hand and blasted at Maus with a lance of black fel-draught as Maus brought up a silver shield that unfolded to try to intercept the blast, he'd known he had no chance of dodging it.

Then, with a burst of displaced air, Brann invoked a Sacrifice and intercepted, throwing up his arms crossed over his face and braced, his Guardian Armor gleaming with Celestial Radiance as white light poured out of the seams between the plates and repelled the draught, dispersing it as it made contact with the Light.

At the sight and the touch of the Light, I could feel my own Power surge back with some strength, the Sacrifice of the Guardian giving her Inspiration. Enough, it seemed, for a Covenant.

Light, Power, Sacrafice, Guardian, Inspiration, Covenant, all these words had needed capital letters, proper nouns. She looked back, other words had flown from her fingertips the same way but she wasn't sure she knew the significance.

She whispered, "I swear upon the Celestial Lords to destroy you Ur-Lord!" as she typed the same words in all caps, a battle cry to draw power and bolster her friends.

"I SWEAR UPON THE CELESTIAL LORDS TO DESTROY YOU UR-LORD!" I shouted, drawing my bow once again and falling into the familiar stance, I pulled back the cord as far as it would go, drawing power with the movement and the Judgment Seal formed around me in crimson light, the contract I'd just made with the Celestial Lords wrote itself in script that looked like the ribbon that formed my Regalia.

Brann, still where he'd stood protecting Maus, reacted at the same time, reaching his right hand forward, the empty rings attached to his armor formed a gigantic two-handed sword that looked like his armor had had a love child with an axe and a sword. Of its own volition it leapt to his outstretched hand and as soon as it made contact with his palm, his fingers closed into the familiar grip and a storm of golden bronze feathers exploded from his back, from under his epaulets, forming a wing-like cloak.

Behind him, Maus had been doing something and now stood with his legs spread and a hand outstretched upwards, a diagram of Storm-Magic around his feet and he was clearly concentrating. There was a flash of lightning from above and a dull boom of thunder and in an eyeblink, Maus was gone without a trace.

Angel's heart was thudding in her head, worry for her brothers a weight on her chest, she felt like her skin was hot and too tight, as though if she did not finish this soon she might burst apart.

Cat, who hadn’t been visible on the other side, suddenly sprang into view, tumbling with inhuman grace and moving at a speed, as she hit the ground, like a flame chasing a line of fuel. Angel had known her sister was there, but now watched as the other girl left a flaming trail as she ran around the Ur-Lord several times. He lashed out at her, missing repeatedly until her body had disappeared in the flames that had formed a wall so hot and intense, it melted the rock below the Lord’s feet.

On each of its legs were attached small red spider-like mines with glowing red orbs in the center storing some sort of magical payload Cat had pulled out of her Pouch of Tricks.

Pouch of Tricks, that made her smile, Cat would like that idea, a tricksy thing she was.

Cat laughed as she dashed away and flung bolts of fire at the Ur-Lord, keeping it busy and distracting it, making it roar in rage as it tried to blast her.

Then Zach walked up beside me, breathing slightly harder than normal, covered in ichor and pieces of tentacles and spatters of slime. He wasn't wearing armor but the Mystic Armor glowed across his skin with angry green fire. He had no weapons, his Magic and the battlefield was entirely his, and just as she flew through the air firing arrows without hesitation he played the battlefield as though it were his own. His eyes narrowed as he watched the Ur-Lord and then bent, ready to attack as soon as I fire my arrow, to hit the creature at the same time as my Judgment.

"Judgement," Angel didn't even relize she was speaking aloud as she typed furiously. The dream was trying to fade, but at the same time it flowed from her fingers on to the screen so it was like reliving it as she worked, like telling a story as she heard it for the first time.

"JUDGMENT!" I shout it at the top of my lungs and thunder strikes as I let fly the golden bolt of energy, the Contract flowing up my body and into the shaft even as it leaves my bow and turns into a blast of Celestial Light.

My heart jumps as I watch Brann explode forward with a single sword stroke straight at the torso of the Ur-Lord. I feel the movement as Zach leaves a streak of emerald fire beside me as he shoots forward toward the target he had set for himself. He'd watched his prey, calculating the weakest point, where he would have the greatest effect and now aimed unerringly at that target.

Thunder boomed overhead and lightning flashed in a strobe lightshow in microseconds and a massive bolt of lightning slashed straight down from the heavens, Maus in the leading tip of it, his fist holding what looked like the mane of a gigantic stallion of storm-light.

The explosion was so great; it flung me backwards, to the ground... to my bed... pushing me from the dream.

Angel was shaking slightly as the last of the words filled the page and her fingers went slack. What had she just seen? Without thinking she pulled her tablet from under the laptop, loaded up photoshop and began to sketch. She chose the moment that was freshest in her mind, that second before all their attacks hit when each was fully committed to their attack. She with her bow and the glowing shaft just loosed, Cat engulfed in flames, Maus on his steed, Brann with his blade, and Zach glowing with pure magic. Normally even on a computer she couldn't draw this well even with her tablet she just didn't have this kind of talent, but right now with Vision still riding her, she could.

An hour later she saved teh file and closed her laptop, sliding from the bed with it clutched against her chest, her comforter draped around her shoulders as she left the room. Though she wanted to show this to Cat and the others, she knew it was important that the headmistress see it first.


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