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Lessons in Being an Orphan

Posted on Sun Sep 2nd, 2012 @ 6:13pm by Mystic Zachary Craft & Fae of Sky Maus & Fae of Fire Cat Random & Celestial Angel & Guardian Brann Connolly
Edited on on Wed Sep 5th, 2012 @ 11:53am

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: The Forge
Timeline: November 26, 2011 Late Afternoon Early Evening

Cat had given Drake a message to meet her in the forge for his first lesson in being an Orphan. She really didn't know how to teach him, all she could do was show him the things that had been shown to her as a child. She had even gone as far as bring out her VooDoo Bunny, the red rabbit had jet black ears and wore an outfit that looked like something Cat would wear, all leather, metal and velvet. It had lopsided ears, one sticking straight up and the other flopping over, the straight ear had a chain earring that ran from the tip of the ear all the way down the base, connecting to three different points down the length of the ear. She had VooDoo Bunny sitting on the stool that Drake normally occupied.

Biting her lip Cat looked around the forge, wanting to make sure none of the other Orphans were around so that Drake wouldn't feel uncomfortable or under any kind of scrutiny. She wasn't wearing her forge clothes since she hadn't been intending on creating anything at the moment. She sat at her table fiddling with her tools while she waited.

"WHATcha DOin?" Maus asked suddenly, standing to her left and behind her.

Cat gave Maus a glare. "Giving Drake lessons, if he ever bothers to show up." She said with an exasperated tone. Drake wasn't actually supposed to show up for another five minutes or so. Hopefully that would give her enough time to get rid of Maus, the faculty had already been acting weird about her and Drake, she didn't need the other Orphans to start up. After all Cat was probably the only one in their class who hadn't had sex or wasn't currently having sex, not that some of the boys hadn't been willing she just hadn't really been interested. Maybe she was missing some key hormone or something, then again she could definitely feel that missing hormone flare to life when ever Drake was around. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"SNOOPin'," he replied looking around. Maus was in jeans and a short-sleeved shirt with a long sleeved shirt underneath and no coat or hat. His goggles were perched where they usually sat, on top of his head.

Brann tromped in with a carefree stride, two bags in his arms that crackled with the telltale sound of snacks and the slosh of drink containers. He beamed jauntily at Cat's scowl as he sat and started emptying the bags. "G'mornin'," he greeted, "the party start yet?"

Cat narrowed her eyes and gave Brann her best glare. "There is no party in here. You apparently have gotten the wrong forge so shove off." Crossing her arms over her ample chest Cat tried to look imposing. Which was really difficult since glaring up at someone rarely looked all that intimidating and Brann was a full eight inches taller than Cat.

"That's not what you told Draco yesterday," Brann grinned wickedly.

A little growl escaped Cat's throat as the glare gained heat. "That was for him, not two pesky bothers."

"Pesky," Brann cast a look of dry amusement at Maus and then back at Cat. "You think this is 'pesky'? This isn't 'pesky.' If you want I'll show you 'pesky'."

"This is too pesky, you big ol' busybody." Cat said her glare losing most of it's heat. "Thank goodness I wasn't actually trying to make time with a boy."

"It's early and Maus has a camera." Brann flashed a cheeky smile.

Maus rolled his eyes, "Not the kind of pics I want to take, thanks."

Zach walked in to the forge shirtless and passed the arguing orphans and went to his tool box. He reached under the work table they were stored and extracted a leather apron and put it on. he pulled out a single piece of large paper that had a hammer on it with measurements that seemed out side the human realm of use. He then turned to the others looking at Cat first, "I was hoping to get started on Hulga's project today but if you are working on something I can come back later." Zach turned to look at the other two and looked at the food that Brann was eating and said, "Why are you two having a date in here?"

"Make that a threesome," Brann pointed at Maus waggling his eyebrows cutely. "Cat wants to be alone with Draco because she loves him. Oh, hi Draco!"

Drake was jogging to get to the forge, Bennie had side tracked him wanting to show him her new room and introduce him to her roommate and now he was running late for his meeting with Cat. He hoped it was reason enough for her not to be mad but he still hurried, sliding to a stop just as he got to the door.

Angel came in then, she'd been waiting around the corner listening and keeping watch. She removed a lolly pop from her mouth and looped her arm in Brann's, "Alright loves, play times over," she looked at Maus and Zach and then up at Brann again with her beaming smile, "Six is a crowd, besides I need your help with something. Come come."

Draco raised a brow in question at Cat, completely confused.

Zach, oblivious to the subtle points of teenage socialization replied, "No. I have work to do" and proceeded to fire up the forge.

Maus blinked at her once, cocked a white eyebrow and smirked. "Waaay too interesting in here right now to go off somewhere else."

"Yeah, no," Brann draped his arm around Maus' waist.

Cat let out a long suffering sigh as she threw her hands up in the air. "Fine you can stay." She chuckled and shook her head at the boys. "Not like we were gonna do anything but talk anyway."

"I was just going to set up a camera and watch from the treehouse," Angel said with a shrug.

"Ah," Brann nodded approvingly, "I bow to your superior evil. Maybe next time. This requires more of..." His words tasted like sweet and sour sauce and spider webs along with a flutter of flirtation. He served it all in a broth of fetching wickedness. He finished with a roguish curl of his lips, "....a personal touch."

Drake leaned over and whispered loudly to Cat, "Lesson one: what the hell is going on?"

"Lesson one: Orphans look out for each other." Cat said giving her family a fond smile. "Oh and just so you know, our native language is sarcasm. We use it heavily, I'm told it can be a bit jarring if you're not used to it." She gestured for everyone to sit down. "By the way I know they all know your name but just in case you didn't know theirs, the small pale male is Maus, small pale female is Angel, tall tan and red is Brann, and Zach is the one playing with the forge."

Brann flashed a warm smile that left a wary heart wondering what skittered beneath. "You go by 'Draco' or 'Drake'?"

"I want to say that every time I hear 'Draco' I say in my head 'Malfoy'," Maus pointed out before Drake could reply.

"At least Draco Malfoy is hot," Brann commented idly. "When I hear 'Drake' I think of an ornery duck."

Zach shook his head in frustration as he banked the fire of the forge instead of letting reach full heat. Clearly, he was not going to be able to work with whatever this thing was that was happening. He took off his leather appron on his work table and opened up his journal. He flipped to a new a page that seemed to be a drawing of circles with interesting designs in the middle of it. He bent low with a pencil that was more eraser and point than anything to hold. Hoping the circus would leave and he could get to work.

"Drake makes me think of dragons, so does Draco." Cat said as she scooped VooDoo Bunny off of the stool and then plopped herself down onto the vacated spot, sitting crosslegged with the stuffed animal in her arms and resting on her lap she gave the boys a grin. "But I can see the reasoning behind the other views as well."

"Malfoy isn't hot any more," Drake scoffed, "Honestly I have a lot of nicknames, Drake, Dre, my sister calls me Duck, but I only answer to it from her and our housekeeper so don't expect a response if you go with that one. A couple of the girls called me Malfoy cause they thought it would be funny and that I wouldn't get it."

"'Dread'," Maus said firmly, looking at Drake in an oddly intent way. The others saw it and knew he was really looking at Drake, seeing through to the other version. "THAT's your orphan name, 'Dread'."

Cat looked over at Maus with a small frown before turning her attention back to Drake and trying to see what Maus saw. The name Dread wasn't all that comforting to most people and she wanted to know why Maus had called him that. At the same time she really didn't want to go into the peculiarities of their lives without giving Drake a little more time to get used to them.

"Dread, you're sure," Brann arched an eyebrow in curiosity at Maus before peering at Drake intently. "Ah," he nodded, "Yeah, it fits...and if he pushes hard enough he'll live up to the name soon enough."

Angel too looked at Drake, she was still on Brann's other side her arm still looped with his, she cocked her head to the side curious what she would see. She'd been reading a series of books by Kim Harrison and the main character was always using her Second Sight to see the Ever After, that was how Angel thought about it when she tried to see through the barriers that separated her from that other part of the world.

Drake blinked, suddenly feeling like a dear in the headlights, "Dread?"

Zach replied flatly, "we all have one. They fit our...natures in certain ways. Mine is Edge."


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