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Final Sitting

Posted on Sun Aug 26th, 2012 @ 4:23pm by Celestial Angel & Unknown Kyort

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Stables
Timeline: 11.29.2011, evening

Angel left the castle at a trot, a smile on her face. This would be her last session with Kyort, putting the final touches on her tattoo and her final 'payment.' She'd dressed for the occasion in thigh high fishnets, black heels and a trench coat that caught the wind as she worked her way carefully down the path in her heels. When she got to the stable she knocked on door with her knuckles.

Kyort shouted from within something that sounds like "what!" and that was clearly his version of "come in".

Angel let herself in and picked her way across the stables watching her step carefully. She had a bag with her that had real clothes and better shoes in it for when they were finished but for now she had to be extra careful. "I had a question for you before we finish my tattoo, two actually," she called out as she made her way towards him.

"Question?" he groused loudly from the other end of the stable, near the horses. "'Not sure I got time for questions lest ya can talk and hand me a towel."

Angel followed his voice, grabbing a towel from the stack and held it out to him. Her eyes went wide as she looked in the stall where his voice was coming from. Kyort had his entire arm inside the vaginal opening of a mare who is clearly foaling but having a little difficulty. Angel knew the mare, a roan, large quarter-horse, fairly gentle... her name was "Dixie," Angel murmured this as she watched. Kyort looked a touch unhappy and definitely messy, covered with fluids and spattered with other biological bits.

"'E's comin in breach an I'm tryin ta turn 'im," he growled, "but when I told 'er I needed to use two hands, she promise ta kick me inta tha next county so I'm wingin it."

Angel immediately slipped out of one of her heels and slid the fishnet off, sliding her foot into one of the shoes from her bag. The other shoe and thigh high went the same way and she shrugged out of her coat, pulling the simple dress on so she wasn't naked before tucking her fancy stuff away in the bag and setting it on a shelf. Finally she pulled her hair away from her face into a messy mass at the back of her head. The whole process took less then a minute. "Questions can wait, how can I help?" she asked simply, never one afraid to get dirty she knew that a breach was dangerous for the mare and the foal, not to mention the stable master and probably the petite red head offering her assistance.

"Pan ah hot water from tha showers an all tha clean dry towels there too," he nodded in the right direction, his shoulder muscles flexing as his arms worked inside the mare. She turned and glared at him.

"Blame it on yer man," Kyort yelled back at her, "I din't do this ta ya and yer lil's coming in backwards an I'm tryin ta save 'is life. I know it don't fell all that nice but what choice we got?"

Her ears went back and she took a deep sigh and shifted her stance on her feet. "Lean tha other way," he told her and she shifted again, putting the weight on the opposite side. "Ah. That's tha ticket."

Angel hurried to do as he bid turning the water on to full hot then gathering all the towels she could carry with her as she rushed back to drop them near the door way. She went back and filled the pan with the hottest water the shower could produce and walked much more carefully back with it. In the back of her mind she absorbed that Kyort was talking to the mare and apparently getting answers back from her, but that was a matter for after she and her baby were out of danger. "I know I am not as strong as you but my arms are much more narrow," Angel didn't revel the idea but at the same time if she could help alleviate the discomfort and speed things along.

"Not long enough," Kyort told her back. "If ya c'n get my eyes cleared right?"

Angel nodded, that made sense and she could admit part of her was relieved. Then she hopped-to taking the top towel and stood on tip toe, carefully to the side of directly behind the horse, and wiped each side of Kyort's face. After that she stepped back and stayed out of the way, waiting for additional instruction.

Silently he worked fro several moments and she nickered once, "I know!" he acknowledged. "Trust me, I never wanted ta be arm-deep in yer girly-bits and if Dumas had arms..."

Her ears went back, "Yeah yeah, I know, wrong angle for that." He stuck out his tongue, sweat dripping off of him and smiled. "Ready? I'm 'bout ta pull."

She snorted and stomped a fore hoof.

Kyort turned and as he did so he inserted his other arm and gestured around to Dixie's head with his head. "Go look her in the eye, comfort her and clean off her face alright? An Jericho explained, right?"

"Some," Angel said, she picked up two of the towels, one she wet in the clean water and the other she flopped over her shoulder. She carefully edged around Dixie until she was at the mare's nose and she began to gently clean her face with the warm cloth and speak soothingly. She didn't really think about what she was saying, but she talked to the animal as she did all the horses, as though she were just another person. As she used the dry cloth to clean away the moisture she said, "You know you trust him, just like I do, he might be all rough and tough but at the end of he day he will take care of us. So don't fight him, do what he says and before you know it you'll be out running in the snow with your baby and teaching him all about this world." As she spoke she stroked the mare's face, it was a bit of a reach but she managed it.

~Great. I’ll hold your head when he sticks both of his arms up your backside and see how you like it,~ Dixie’s southern-drawl was unmistakable and clearly, vexed.

Angel’s eyebrows went up in surprise she gathered that Kyort could commune with the beast but she hadn’t expected to be able to hear Dixie herself! “I didn’t say you had to like it,” Angel said calmly, “but he’s not doing this to cause you pain, he’s trying to keep you and your baby alive.”

~I know~ she grunted, ears flicking back and forward ~but when you’re in labor you pretty much hate everything with a penis, a vagina or if its a live and near you.~

"I've never had a baby so I wouldn't know," Angel's tone was still as soothing as she could make it while she stroked her hand down Dixie’s face.

~This is my first~ Dixie murmured to her ~and I might not have any more after this~ she grunted and moaned as Kyort leaned back, pulling on something, slowly, slowly, leaning back as whatever it was gave way. ~If I could reach Dumas I’d bite him, I swear I would.~

“You’re almost there,” Angel encouraged, “then I’ll help you find Dumas if you want.”

~He'll be in here as soon as Kyort lets him~ she whickered ~He's really been good, for a horse.~

"How we doing back there?" Angel asked.

"Sorry fer this Dix," Kyort called a warning and put his right booted foot on her right haunch and used it to leverage himself, actually lifting his other foot off of the floor as his body strained, every muscle standing out. Kyort threw back his head and growled and finally shouted, he and a mass of sloppy wet darkness, fluids and ropy umbilical cords flew backwards and went into the straw.

Dixie's legs almost buckled and she staggered as the foal was pulled out of her the right wall, the umbilical cord and the afterbirth coming out all at once and turning her head, did stagger and go to her knees.

Angel smiled and took a step back.

Dixie's body blurred, like it went out of focus for a second, then again for longer and then it blurred and changed, the "head" section elongating and thinning. Her main body seemed to reduce in mass as well and in a few moments, a young woman lay in the straw, her vaginal channel and legs a mess, her hooved feet and furry lower legs and long furry ears and facial marking showing enough similarity with Dixie's markings, there was no mistaking who she was.

"Whoa..." was all that Angel could think to say.

"I ain't runnin nowhere," Dixie panted softly and then fainted as Kyort picked himself up and came over to her and took towels and the pan of hot water and began to wipe her down and clean her up. Her foal, laying on the straw behind him, was panting and gathering strength.

"Might have ta bottlefeed him 'til she's up an can change back," he told Angel.

Angel grabbed more towels and came over to help with the clean up, "Schools out so I have plenty of time to help. Should I mix up a bottle now?"

He nodded as he worked. "I set out tha powder, make it warm and use tha half-gallon bottle."

Angel nodded getting to her feet and heading out of the stall. She found the supplies he'd laid out and carefully prepared the formula. Once she had the lid on she pinched off the nipple and shook it as she came back into the stall.

The foal was standing, barely, swaying back and forth and glaring at her hungrily and a bit confused, as if he didn't see the nipples he was expecting. "If he'll take it, give it all to him. I'm puttin mama ta bed over here," he picked her up gingerly and moved her to one side, putting her into the dry straw and filling a clean sack with more of it and putting that under her head and another one under her thighs to raise her lower-bits some more. Then he hopped up and went out and came back almost immediately with a horse blanket and spread it over her.

"Come on little one," Angel said making sure there was formula on the nipple of the bottle for him to smell as she offered it to him.

He lost no time and once he had figured out how to suck and gum the nipple, it stopped going all over him and went into him really fast. In a minute or so, he was done, his belly full and he looked around. He whuffed her hair and then stumbled over to his mama and plopped down on the straw next to her and lay so he was snuggled up beside her, lying on his side.

He was snoring in a few seconds.

Angel smiled fondly then tip toed out of the stall. Once she was far enough away she spoke in a soft voice, "Not really what I expected to be doing on this visit but I am glad they're okay."

"I'll still do the last of the ink," he told her and yawned a little, "but I gotta shower lest ya want horse guts in open wounds?"

Angel nodded, "I should rinse off too." She wasn't nearly as messy as he was but she'd been in and around the stall and knelt in the straw at least once. "Question for you while we do that," she said as she grabbed her bag and walked towards the shower, "Cat really wants to get a tattoo, I'd like to give it to her for Christmas. Would you be willing to let me pay the cost for her tattoo?"

"Ya got a kind heart fer a Celestial," he told her with a small grin.

"So is that a yes then?" Angel asked, though the statement raised more questions then it answered.

"A deals a deal struck an' true," he offered her his hand to shake.

Angel took it squeezing his hand with a smile.


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