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Week of Hell: Day 2

Posted on Thu Jul 26th, 2012 @ 2:13pm by Zumbe Jericho Stark & Fae of Fire Cat Random & Celestial Angel & Guardian Brann Connolly

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Stark Academy, Dining Hall
Timeline: 11.17.2011, 0920 AM

OOC: Of course, the orphans had a great night on their new beds, watched movies until they fell asleep and did a quick cleanup before showers, dressing in clean sweats and had a nice breakfast of waffles, eggs and sausages with coffee and juice before being in the dining hall for their "mean-duty".

Jericho and the teachers stood amongst the Payers as they arrived to get their morning share of oatmeal, or chose to remain in their rooms, like prison guards. It was chilly enough this morning for them to see their breath even inside and they were bundled up. Theodore, Donnal and Threnody showed up for their share and got their hot water for their morning tea, which they brought their own tea bags with them. Jacquelle kept shooting glares at Threnody, who ignored her as if she literally didn't exist. The larger dark-skinned girl was bundled up like it was frigid whereas the orphans and the Trio dressed as if it was merely "a tad nippy".

The orphans were silent and grim, the Trio were cheerful and respectful to faculty and orphans and the Payers were sullen and mostly silent earning glares from faculty if they spoke or made a lot of noise.

Some of the faculty weren't present, having been up on the night watch, it wasn't fair to make them be there for day duties but they were rotating the job. Despite that, Emberline showed up early and helped Betsy in the kitchen with the other cooking orphans. Summer showed up just in time for coffee and Bubbles came in for hers, already prepared and waiting for her at the barrister which she grabbed on the way by in her Dead-Bunny(tm) slippers, yawning into her hand and looking like she hadn't slept in several nights. Summer, who had shown up earlier, made coffee for the faculty and made Bubbles, Jericho's and then made the coffee for the kitchen orphans as well. She, of course, looked like she's stepped out of a 70's movie as Farrah Fawcett's double.

As it was, when the Payer's showed up, they were gone and taken with them all the cheer and giggles so those on breakfast duty could get to the punishment of the Payers.

Cat watched the Payer's move through the room with a small sense of satisfaction. She enjoyed the sight of the Payers being miserable she enjoyed watching them squirm and act like the animals they were. She looked at Brann, Maus and Angel and rubbed her hands together.

Drake kept his eyes down, trying to blend in with the other payers despite his black eye and bloody knuckles. He flexed his fingers before he took his bowl and got in line for his oatmeal.

Angel tapped Cat on the shoulder and signed to her, ~You see his face?~

~Didn't see anyone other than the ones that got their shit stomped by the fakies.~ Cat signed back with a frown. She bit her lip for a moment before walking over to him. "Are you okay?" She asked softly grabbing a napkin from the stack. She didn't know why she was doing it other than she had had a huge crush on him for ages. He was a Payer but he wasn't all that bad, he'd never picked on them or hurt any of the Orphans. It was obvious that someone had hurt him.

"M'fine," Drake muttered, but he faced her, only one eye was black, though it was impressively so, nearly swollen shut with most of the lashes having fallen out but his hands showed the damage of someone that had given far more then he'd gotten, "Roommate just didn't see eye to eye with me."

Betsy stepped up and looked at Drake, "Nurse," she said crisply. "Cat will accompany you," she gave Cat a 'look' that clearly said 'no playing around'.

"Yes, ma'am." Cat nodded and looked over at Drake. "Come on."

Drake let himself be led away, skipping the luke warm oatmeal.


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