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Posted on Sun Jul 15th, 2012 @ 6:37pm by Celestial Angel & Fae of Fire Cat Random & Guardian Brann Connolly & Fae of Sky Maus
Edited on on Wed Jul 18th, 2012 @ 6:45pm

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Empty Girl's Locker Room
Timeline: 11.17.2011, 2100 hours local

Angel slipped into the locker room moving carefully, she'd very intentionally waited until the last possible moment to make her way there trying to shower in relative peace before heading to bed. She didn't look around, hoping that if anyone was there they wouldn't be paying attention as she padded over to her locker and pulled out the towel and long night gown she'd stowed before heading down to the stables for the night.

She stripped quickly, dropping her dirty clothes into her locker, she'd deal with them tomorrow, and put the horse lineament Kyort had given her on the shelf. Wrapped loosely in the towel she headed towards the big open shower with her basket of shampoo and conditioner and soap.

Her tattoo was tender but she'd done as she'd been told, applied the horse lineament and was now going to bathe in luke warm water, Kyort had only worked on the flowers, doing the black work first and some of the small details. She'd been surprised by how the evening played out first the implements he used for her tattoo, porcupine quills and traditional dyes rather then a motorized pen not to mention his other expectations, but all in all she was happy with the progress and the languid all over relaxed feeling she had despite her tattoo.

Cat crossed her arms over her chest as she turned to look at Angel. "Cutting it a bit close there." She smiled to let her friend know she was just messing around. That was until Cat got a good look at Angel's back. "You decided to go for it huh?" She asked with a little awe. Cat wanted a tattoo in the worst way but she had never gotten up the nerve to ask what the stable master would want as compensation. Cat didn't have a whole lot and had been working to try and come up with something that she could give him in trade. "What's the cost?" She asked wondering if it was the same for everyone.

Angel winced a little as the cooler water hit her skin, she didn't like the water this cold but she also didn't want to ruin the beautiful work, "Not something you are going to want to pay," she said as she began wetting her hair.

"How so?" Cat asked with a raised brow as she looked at Angel's back. "He's got some serious talent." She looked at the blossoms on her friend.

"That's not the only thing he's good at," Angel muttered as she washed her hair.

"I take it you had fun." Cat snorted as she caught the mutter. "So how many more sessions you got to do?"

"A few," Angel said, rinsing her hair as quickly as she could, he'd finished the outlines of the blossoms along with some of the darker details, Kyort had told her to come back when she was ready for more. "Next time we will color the flowers, then it will take a couple sessions to outline the branch and another couple to fill that it. He... uh... likes to mix business with pleasure."

Cat shook her head with a grin. "Amazing that he can keep the lines straight." She said as she bit her lip.

"Have ta say not what I was expecting when I asked what it would cost and he dropped his pants," Angel said with a laugh as she put conditioner in her hair, , "but it definately takes your mind off the pain."

Cat laughed and reached out to help her friend. "Guess I'll wait until I'm older. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind paying it. It's just, not for the first time. Ya know? I just want a little romance or maybe just some emotion to it."

"Of course," Angel said, rinsing the conditioner from her hair over her right shoulder so it wouldn't get on the tattoo, "I adored Mark, we'd been dating for a while and he was so sweet, he took me up to the hay loft where he'd laid out blankets so we had something like a bed and a little privacy. I am glad I had someone special for the first time but after we split... it just wasn't as big of a deal. Kyort's just a guy with guy needs and a limited pool of available partners," her eyes went a little wide and her hands stilled as she thought back, "admittedly a very well endowed guy with some really kinky appetites."

Cat grinned and shook her head again. "Hey kinky is never a bad thing. At least not from what I've read." Cat was addicted to romance novels, they were her secret vice that she only told Angel about. They had all been on her ebook that had been destroyed. She waggled her eyebrows at Angel with a playful expression.

"There is kinky and then there is getting bent over and screwed from behind while they tattoo your back. I think he found the line with that one, didn't cross it but definitely found it," Angel said with a shaky little laugh, as she twisted her hair up with a banana clip and started to pat the tattoo with a soft cloth while the water ran over it.

Laughing Cat walked over and carefully started washing Angel's back with the mild soap. She didn't want to have Angel get an infection so she wanted to make sure that the area was clean.

Brann stepped into the room with the girls, ignoring their nakedness as he stepped to a nearby shower. They easily saw that he possessed the genitals of both a young man and a young woman but having grown up together, it never seemed an issue. He turned on the water and soaked his hair, smoothing his hands back across his face. He looked over at the girls with a dry smile, "I think I'll post this on my blog under 'Why straight guys ought to have gay friends'."

Cat rolled her eyes as she looked over at Brann. "Not like any of the other boys couldn't just walk in too." She said with a chuckle.

"You rang," Maus said as he slid in, riding the wet floor with his flip-flops and flipped off his towel to hang up as he got into the stall with Brann, wrapping arms around his roommate to steady himself and nip his earlobe. "I WIN!" he crowed.

Brann shivered at the earlobe nip, reached down and kissed the nipple under the "Maus-brand" logo tattoo Kyort gave him. He beamed wolfishly, "We keep this up we're gonna need another shower."

Maus paused thoughtfully, "Lessee, what haven't we done tonight?"

"I know," Brann grinned wickedly, "but it's kind of hard to do standing up."

"We're both gymnasts," Maus reminded him. "Nothing is hard for us to do in any position."

Angel laughed talking to her roommate, "Think they are showing off for the audience?"

Brann cast a crooked smile at Angel, "You want to see showing off? I'll SHOW you showing off..." He used his superior strength to carefully lift Maus and flip him until Maus hung upside down facing Brann's genitals and Maus' family jewels dangled in easy reach of Brann's mouth.

Maus bent his legs so the tops of his thighs supported his weight on Brann's shoulders and now situated, began his "special Maus-Hug technique" on Brann.

"Seriously boys? You're that into exhibitionism?" Cat snorted as she raised a brow at the two boys busy getting busy in the shower.

"You didn't seem to mind talking... um..." He cleared his throat as Maus started working his oral magic. Brann expected to pause as a joke but Maus, being Maus, clearly didn't give a fuck. Brann laughed inwardly and struggled to remember his train of thought. "Oh, yeah," he caught it. "You didn't mind talking about Angel fucking Kyort while getting her tat. Nice ta-a-a-t..." He fell back against the shower wall and his words trailed off into an incoherent moan.

"Talking is one thing, putting on a show is another, and well you know it. Not like I was inviting you all to sit in on my next session with him," Angel rinsed the last of the soap off and grabbed her towel to start drying, she wasn't actually bothered by the display. Then again she wasn't watching closely, after all, it was a common sight between them, "Cat honey, can you grab the lineament over there? I could use your help getting this on evenly."

"Should we leave the boys to their fun? Could get a bit slippery." Cat chuckled as she grabbed the lineament. "We'll make sure that it is on even."

"Meh," Angel shrugged then winced, "let's just go around the lockers and do that then get into our night gowns and we can walk back together with them when they are done."

Cat grinned and wiggled her fingers at the boys. "We'll see you two when your done." She said shooting both of them a smirk.

"Looks like we're gonna need another shower, damn it," Brann laughed.


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