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Posted on Sun Jul 15th, 2012 @ 7:52am by Celestial Angel & Unknown Kyort
Edited on on Mon Jul 16th, 2012 @ 5:39am

Mission: Sinister Whispers...
Location: Stables
Timeline: 11.17.2011, 1100 hours local

Angel had been particularly dedicated in her work at the stables today, knowing the exhausting labor would help her sleep that night, and to work out the right way to approach Kyort about a request she'd had. She knew from other students that he was the man to talk to about getting a tattoo. They hadn't been able to recover much of the data from her pen drive, but the one drawing, a blooming cherry branch that she had been working on as a tattoo design had been one of the handful of images she had left.

Now she wanted the mark as a means of taking back her power. They'd all been violated by the attack, though she didn't feel traumatized, she still wanted something that was hers, that was in her control, that they could never touch and this was it.

"Kyort?" she called out as put up the pitchfork she'd been using. She was dressed in a snug purple plaid shirt, the sleeves pushed up to her elbows, fitted jeans that were tight enough to show her figure but not ridiculous for the job, both items had been in the laundry when the attack happened along with the black sports bra that kept her bust under control and peeked out from the loosened top buttons of her shirt. Her shoes weren't her usual work boots, those had been lost and yet to be replaced so she wore a pair of beaten up tennis shoes over thick socks.

"Whatcha want girlie?" he asked, behind her, leaning up against the stall wall with one arm folded so his elbow was up and his hand was scratching his hairy blond-furred sweaty shirtless chest. His overalls were bib-down and hanging, worn like pants and he had his boots on. His tatt on his torso was clearly visible as it wound around his right side in a Nordic design that looked like goats or rams on a mountain in simple line-art. It was classic and cool and orange lined with black against his pale skin.

Angel pushed a curl out of her eyes with the back of her hand as she looked up at the big man, "I hear you're the one to talk to about getting inked."

"Fer tha right price," he eyed her in a totally un-family sort of way.

Angel smiled winsomely, fluttering her lashes playfully, "And that price would be?"

He started to pull down his overalls...

Her dark brows went up but she shrugged and started unbuttoning her shirt, "Wouldn't you rather I shower first?"

"Nah," he got his pants down around his ankles, kicked off his boots and slipped out, naked. His manhood was rampant and aimed at her face, at least eight inches from lower-abs to now-glistening tip and wider than her hand would have fit around.

Angel's eyes went a little wide and she swallowed, her hands fumbling a little with the buttons she was working on. She wasn't a virgin, hadn't been for a few years now, but there was still something impressive about Kyort naked. Then again her half dozen other partners had all been other orphans not adults and Kyort was very... very adult. "Wow," she said softly.

He grinned and smacked the head of it, making it spring back and slap his prominent hairy abs leaving a dewy mark just above his navel.

Though her heart beat had bumped up a pace, Angel smiled broadly and her fingers regained their deftness.


"Now we gotta talk what ya want fer art 'cause if'n its just a lil' thing like Maus," he gave a half grin, "this'll do me. If it's gonna take some time, well, it's gonna take some time."

Angel pulled a paper out of the back pocket of her pants where they'd been discarded and unfolded it to hand to him, it was a deep brown branch with small pink cherry blossoms along it's length. "I want it to stretch from here," she indicated a place low on her left hip, "and have it wrap around back up to the opposite shoulder blade."

He measured with his hand between index finger and thumb and counted. "Hmm..." he considered and massaged her shoulders and back a little after the punishment they'd been put through. "I think about nine. So eight more times to pay off the hours for the job. Fair?" he asked and snuffled her ear like a Dumas did now and again.

Angel laughed breathily leaning into his touch, she'd had fun after all she wasn't going to complain, "Completely fair. Do you think it will take more then one sitting to finish?"

"Unless we both got a whole day off ta do nothin," he chortled. "An I don' know where ya think we are but I know I ain't."

Angel laughed with him as she bent to scoop up her discarded clothes, "Yeah, no, we neither one have that kind of time. Never gotten a tattoo, no idea how long it should take." She'd shimmied back into her bra and panties then pulled back on the rest of her clothes before twisting her hair up into a loose ponytail so it was off her neck as she spoke. She turned to face him a pleasant satisfied smile on her face while she finished buttoning her shirt, "When do we start and when should I make my next payment?" It was said playfully, with a twinkle in her eye.

"Get with me after yer evinin' chores," he told her with a grin, moving over to the horse-shower and turned on the water, taking an outdoor shower in the cool of November in Maine. His breath misted slightly but he didn't even goose-bump in the cold water as it slowly warmed up.

"Looking forward to it," Angel said with a smile and pulled on her shoes.


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