The Sim

Orphans is the culmination of over a decade of simming and refining the steps to find a genre and then finding an IP in which I wanted to explore my creativity. The IP of this world is copywritten, like Star Trek and Star Wars and all those dozens of others used for simming and like those, I'm allowing people to jump in here and write in it with us.

Does that mean I own your characters or what you write?


That'd be a totally asshole thing to do. So would someone trying to run off with my copyright on the sim world and the races, etc.

So. While you're here and writing with us, you're welcome to take your character and your stories and take them with you when you leave, though a copy will remain as part of our archives for continuity purposes.

Now about the World....

Orphans: Dark Zenith occurs in our world, our real world, and the timeline of the writing begins in November of 2011. The setting for the orphans, initially, is the orphanage and Academy where they've spend their entire lives, never having been away from the island, never having been off the property.

The orphans are also referred to a "residential students" by the faculty as they are ward of Stark Academy, which has raised them and legally "owns" them. That doesn't mean they're slaves by any means- it instead means that for legal purposes they are protected as interests of the corporation and are considered part of the Academy's protected materials and personnel.

This is important because for much of the year, Stark Academy is an ultra-exclusive private boarding school where the rich send their children that need the prestige, or the scholastic immersion or simple the disciple and privacy to be out of the local authority's way for awhile. These students are referred to as the "client-students" in polite company or "Payers" by the orphans. In some cases and in some places, some of the client-students are also referred to as "juvenile delinquents".

You, the writer, will be writing an orphan, a teenager between the age of 13 and 16 who is a part of the main body of the orphans at the Academy and who attends classes in this interesting, spooky and very odd castle on a private island off of the coast of Maine.