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Unknown Hulga Jorgmansdottir

Name Hulga Jorgmansdottir

Position Position

Rank Unknown

Character Information

Gender Female
Birthright Truborne
Species Surprise Me!
Nature Protective
Persona Warrior
Age 30's

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Exceedingly tall and widely built for a woman
Mortal Guise Physical Description Hulga is 7'2" tall and her shoulders are nearly 4' wide. She is massive, muscularly built with very little fat. Her bosom, despite her physique, is definitely ample but not too larger for her to swing hammers in hand-forging, which is an art she loves to practice.
Her hair is sandy blond and brown, worn short to keep it out of her way and her wide features are noble, but not delicate. Her eyes, merry most of the time, are gray like granite and she usually has a smile for anyone who loves working in solid mediums to produce enduring art.
Markings, Truself
Truself Phyiscal Description


Children Hulga considers all of the orphans as her children but takes especial attention to those who show a love for the things she loves, durable art. Be it wood-working, forging metals, carving stone, jewelry, industrial manufacturing- even glassblowing and glass-work.
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hulga uses her unusual height and strength to her advantage and is a very outspoken person. She has zero lack of self-esteem and nobody can crush her spirit. Indeed, those who inflame her passions positively or negatively have reason to fear her enthusiasm either way as she becomes incredibly inventive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hulga is very strong and large, she can stay awake for days if she has to or if she has a project she's working on.

Her largest weakness is her largeness itself, making it impossible for her to fit in a "normal sized world".
Hobbies & Interests
Strength 7
Stature 6
Endurance 6
Constitution 10
Dexterity 5
Coordination 2
Wits 4
Intellect 5
Charisma 4
Beauty 2
Manifestations and levels

Personal History