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Fae of Sky Maus

Name Maus

Position Position

Rank Fae of Sky

Character Information

Gender Male
Birthright Nephilim
Species Fae: Passions of Sky
Nature Thoughtful
Persona Trickster
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Blue-eyed albino
Mortal Guise Physical Description Maus is very small for his age, appearing to be barely pubescent with barely any pubic hair at all and what there is doesn't show against his skin very well since it's all white. At 5' tall and weighing 128 pounds soaking wet, he's well-muscled for someone who engages in regular moderate to heavy exercise but he struggles to maintain his weight with an exercise regime and higher than normal useful calories.
Maus hair is moderate length and sometimes worn down around his face but most-often, its worn pushed back from his face in a shag mane and held in place with his signature goggles, which he uses to shield his eyes from bright light and can be used to magnify with lens inserts built into them.
Markings, Truself
Truself Phyiscal Description


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maus' general personality is thoughtful and quick-witted. He's brilliantly smart and he knows it; just looking at his class load and his accomplishments (if someone were to spend the time to figure out all of what he was doing behind people's backs) they'd be amazed. He's confident, despite his size and he carries himself confidently, despite his reduced statue. He sticks to the other orphans like glue, sees himself as something of a leader, though he'd rather not be since its so damned inconvenient . As an out queer (he advertises it actually) he make no bones about the fact he likes to dress nicely and he's a bit of a peacock and takes every opportunity to show off, when he can.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Brilliant, Agile, Ambitious, able to focus to the exclusion of all else when needed, generous.

Weaknesses: Size and Strength, Can be arrogant, lacks patience sometimes for people that don't think as quickly or as clearly as he does, scatter-shot interests, laser-like focus that shuts everyone else out when he's doing something he's determined to succeed at.
Ambitions Maus has no stated ambition but he's admitted a few times to this or that project that weren't exactly "legal". He is already branded with "Maus-Brand (tm)" which produces a variety of small products such as decals, tee-shirts and accessories that bear his distinctive styling. He writes software, manages the Academy's network and servers, he works his ass off helping out to earn credit and then uses most of it to buy cool gifts for his orphan friends. He even dabbles in stocks apparently. One could probably surmise that his ambition can be narrowed down to two words: "entertained" and "rich".
Hobbies & Interests As mentioned Maus does a lot. His multitasking brain seems to not be able to stay on one thing very long but he can manage flipping around and keeping several things going brilliantly. He's interested in software, in stocks, in music, in fashion, in men, in money, in investments, in accessories, in geek-tek (tm) a Maus-Brand division, in gymnastics, in Aikido (4th Dan), tumbling, running, swimming, electronics, knowing how to make electronics, physics, mathematics and languages (he speaks Japanese, German, English and Russian) except he romance languages which he feels are inexact and useless.
Strength 2
Stature 2
Endurance 3
Constitution 3
Dexterity 3
Coordination 5
Wits 6
Intellect 7
Charisma 2
Beauty 3
Manifestations and levels

Personal History Maus was dropped at the Academy in the usual place during a terrible winter storm and remained outside until early afternoon the next day in nothing but a (soiled) diaper and thin silk wrap. His cries of discomfort were heard through the door by someone passing by and when they got the door open and dug through the snow and ice, they found the baby.

Maus was miraculously unharmed by the cold and has never been one much bothered by the cold (nor heat) though he's light sensitive. In a couple of weeks he was talking and reading and soon after it was clear his brain was ahead of his body by years. By the age of four he had read the entire encyclopedia and while a little socially awkward and small for his age, as rough and tumble as his peers. He got distracted easily by "new" things and would take apart things to find out how they worked and then reassemble them so that they worked again.

Sometimes he reassembled them and they started working when they had been broken before.

Headmistress began to focus his skills by giving him things that were broken or had purposefully been broken and with limited tools and parts, let him try to fix them. Some were designed to be failures and sometimes he was able to fix them anyway, using options she hadn't considered. Other times, he merely set it aside and worked on something else and came back to it when he had a working solution.

Maus has always been like that; he never admits defeat, he'll merely set aside something he can't fix immediately and move on and come back to it with new information or skills. But all things he puts aside, he always comes back to eventually.