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Celestial Angel

Name Angel

Position Position

Rank Celestial

Character Information

Gender Female
Birthright Truborne
Species Unknown
Nature Generous
Persona Charismatic
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Purple eyes
Mortal Guise Physical Description Angel's looks are truly striking, dark red hair, pale skin without even a hint of a freckle, but it's her eyes that set her apart. They are a deep clear purple, not the lavender blue of some but a true purple that shift with her moods or what she is wearing. Sometimes they are the deep purple brown of pansies, others they are pale and buttery like hydrangea. Usually they are the color of the first crocus that pushes through the snow, a splash of color that heralds the spring.

Angel's small, even for a teenage girl, though proportionate with long legs and a healthy bosom, she's ... vertically challenged standing just 5'1", though she usually wears heels that put her in the 5'5" range.
Markings, Truself
Truself Phyiscal Description


Spouse as if!
Children uh... no, duh
Father Douchebag
Mother Hell if I know
Brother(s) Ask the Douchebag
Sister(s) See above
Other Family not that I know of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Angel is a social butterfly, she flits from group to group, smiling, flirting and generally making nice with all those around her. She is known by almost everyone, neither famous nor infamous just known and generally liked by everyone and greatly liked by the small inner circle of those she considers close friends.

There are two sides to her life, when in class she is a hard worker, never missing school unless she is genuinely ill and afraid she will get others sick. She participates in class, always doing well on tests, helping others with their work and volunteering to help the teachers too. But once school lets out that's when Angel's diligence slides. She still helps her friends if they ask, works on any group projects, helps out in the stable and assists Maus, but homework, cleaning and extra curriculars just aren't her thing.

Angel isn't competitive or jealous, she just doesn't have it in her to be either so she doesn't try, even in video games she only strives to win to help her team, not for herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Probably Angel's biggest strength is her ability to get out of trouble, or avoid it all together, her genial nature, combined with her sweet looks and small stature let her talk her way out of almost any situation.

Angel's quite good at archery and horse back riding, skills she picked up when she was forced to pick phys ed classes, but that she has come to enjoy. Both, she maintains, will be useful skills to have when the zombie apocalypse comes.

Testing has always come easy to her, so long as she's covered the material she retains the information well enough to score high on tests.

Speedy speedy! Though small, Angel is quite quick.

Angel has always had a knack with electronics, trailing Maus and learning what she can.

Angel is so good at getting out of trouble that sometimes she has a hard time getting into it, on the rare occasions that the teenage need to get in trouble rears it's head, she has to force herself to shut up and take her licks.

Save for her two chosen activities, archery and horseback riding, Angel can't stand sports of any kind. She doesn't mind watching them but she would rather bathe in glass and lemon juice then participate. Consequently she's quite bad at nearly every one of them.

Once class is out Angel has a hard time finding the drive to do her school work. She does enough to make sure she doesn't fail any classes with her test scores and in class participation balancing this out.

On the rare instances that Angel has not been able to talk her way out of a physical altercation, her small size and complete lack of physical training have her at a distinct disadvantage. Dodge, run like hell and hope she can hide before that stitch in her side does her in, that's her motto.

Angel is NOT tidy. Though her appearance is always put together, her makeup perfectly applied, the pie like section of the large round room she shares with two other girls looks like a bomb went off.
Ambitions Uh.... let's just stick with passing the 11th grade.
Hobbies & Interests Riding - Western, English and bareback, horses not boys (though she does her fair amount of riding them too, but never bareback ;)

Digital Art and Design - Angel has an innate sense of where to put things, in a room or on a page, she can see how to make everything balance perfectly. This also extends to photo manipulation.

Video Games - RPGs and FPS mostly, her online handle is ArchAngel and she uses a voice modulator on her mic so those in voice chat won't know they are getting their asses handed to them by a girl

Archery - Angel's weapon of choice is Carbon Element RKT compound hunting bow
Strength 2
Stature 2
Endurance 2
Constitution 3
Dexterity 6
Coordination 4
Wits 3
Intellect 4
Charisma 5
Beauty 5
Manifestations and levels Primary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Stat: Charisma
Tertiary Stat: Coordination

Personal History Angel never knew her parents. Like so many of the orphans, hers was a ring and run shortly after she was was born, leaving her to be raised at the school. Wrapped in a snowy white blanket, there had been a note that simply said "Please take care of our little Angel," with a halo'd smiley face as the only signature. Pinned to her blanket with the note was a silver pendant with a simple wing charm on it. Angel has the aged paper in a shadow box in her room with the other things she loved as a child, she wears the necklace at all times.

Though she can't stand homework, Angel enjoys all her classes, excelling particularly in math and computer classes. Because of her hate of homework she only manages average grades, but she's happy with that. Since she knows her failings when it comes to Phys Ed, Angel puts in extra time training with her bow so there is at least one thing she knows she's the best at.

She puts in extra time in the stable, enjoying the simple physical labor of caring for the animals even though it exhausts her. In her every day life Angel enjoys being clean and put together but she's not afraid to get dirty when the task calls for it. This is especially true when it comes to helping out with the horses. She enjoys even the most odious tasks, mucking out stalls and scrubbing the grain bowls and the like.

Angel spends a good amount of her time putting out fires, usually started by her best friend and roommate, Cat. The two have shared a room since they were very young and Cat is the closest thing to a sister Angel's ever had. So when the other girl pisses someone off, something she is exceptionally good at, Angel's always there to smooth things over and fix the situation.

Angel is a tech geek, not like Maus, she's no where near that good. But what she is good at compliments his skills, she learns quickly and can help him with all the little fiddly things that just sometimes need an extra set of hands or eyes. For extra credits she does all the design work for the school website and other design projects for students and faculty.