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Zumbe Jericho Stark

Name Jericho Stark

Position Position

Rank Zumbe

Character Information

Gender Female
Birthright Truborne
Species Zumbe
Nature Generous
Persona Monk
Age 136

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Pink Albino, red rimmed eyes
Mortal Guise Physical Description Jericho Stark almost always wears the same outfit or the same sort of outfit, one that hearkens back to a prior century and yet has been updated to be fashionable. In her bare feet, should one ever manage to catch her out of her boots, she is just over six feet tall. In heels, she tops 6-four. She is very slender and yet muscled well, as a young woman who engages in regular moderate to heavy exercise. Her hair is probably as long as mid=back but it's never down, being worn twisted into a tube on the back of her head and wrapped with black leather strips, the ends of which end with silver lozenges set with dark red crystals that hang off of the end.
Jericho is an albino with pink eyes and is sensitive to bright lights and sun. Its fortunate that the islands are typically misty and/or overcast so she doesn't get exposed to direct sunlight very much. To protect her eyes she wears 19th century spectacles treated to darken in sunlight that also seem to have a mild prescription. She's also sensitive to the cold and wears heavy clothing regardless of the season. She wears pink lip gloss that perfectly matches her eyes, her nails are unpainted. She wears three black pearl studs in each ear, two in each lobe and one high in the cartilage on each side. She also wears an old and well-worn gold wedding band on her left ring finger but nobody knows, nor have they ever seen her with anyone husband-like.
Jericho wears a high necked sleeveless cadet tunic with filigreed silver buttons down the left side that it tailored so well it separates and defines her smallish breasts individually. It hugs her flat stomach and the gentle curves to her hips and where it ends a leather strap like a belt comes down another inch or so and then from there a broom skirt of some heavy thick fabric that comes down to an inch above the ground. The skirt is slit up the front to mid-thigh and reveals knee-high club-soled silver-buttoned strap boots with the buttons on the outside all the way to the knee. From there up she wears thick pants. The skirt flares to the sides like wings when she moves quickly and she's been known to move very quickly, now and again. Her arms are covered by an undershirt of crimson satin the color of fresh blood with baggy sleeves that are gathered at the elbow by straps similar to her boots with the same silver buttons on the underside of the forearm running from wrist to elbow to bind them tight. She wears a silver pocket watch on a chair in the watch-pocked of the cadet tunic at her waist.
Markings, Truself Pink Albino, red rimmed eyes, jagged scars over each eye
Truself Phyiscal Description As her Truself, Jericho appears nearly identical as she does in life except for what appears to be two jagged lightning like scars that bisect her eyebrows, eyelids and go to her upper cheeks.
The only way to tell what her Truself is is to get close enough to her and to detect the smell of raw earth, the one telling sign that a person is Zumbe.
If she enters into a Ravening state, there's no way to hide what she is unless one is mortal and has some "plausible deniability" going overtime.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jericho is generally cold and distant, though not unlikable. She holds herself away from her clients, rarely touches them, even to shake hands. With her orphans, she is marginally warmer but that margin means all the world when applied correctly and she wields that with expertise. She is aware of her own limitations as a personality and she has greater concerns than to be the surrogate mother-figure for her orphans, having become exactly that in spite of herself.
In unguarded moments, such as at dinner on Christmas or when her charges are opening their gifts, one may catch her unaware and see the glimmer of deep pleasure in the appreciation her orphans have for the things she can do for them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Agile, Quick Witted, Wise, Sensitive

Weaknesses: Distance, Emotionally Unavailable
Ambitions What her motivations are and why she does what she does is unknown. It is assumed that this is simply the enterprise she chose to manage, as a member of the Stark Family.
Hobbies & Interests As Headmistress she will say she has no hobbies or interests outside of the Academy but clearly, that's a lie. She's way too hip on current fashion, styles, technology and politics not to be well-connected to the world it seems she has done so much to insulate herself from.
Strength 3
Stature 4
Endurance 5
Constitution 5
Dexterity 5
Coordination 5
Wits 8
Intellect 6
Charisma 5
Beauty 3
Manifestations and levels Mortal Guise (7) Her Guise is very tough to break and she has a great deal of control over it. So much so that sometimes even those with Sight can't tell or smell it on her when they're right next to her.

Ravener (12) Jericho gains a +2 to Stature (1/1=Height/Mass), +2 to Constitution, +2 Endurance, + 6 to Strength and loses all of her Beauty and Intellect when she enters the Ravening.

Control Ravening (8) Jericho can use her Wits to control her Ravening, substituting this value for her Intellect. This means that even though the ability still imparts a -2 penalty to her Wits substitution to Intellect, she can retain her normal Intellect in this state. She can enter and leave Ravening at will.

Black Fat (3) Jericho is able to maintain her normal status without entering the Ravening for 3 weeks before it's necessary for her to replace all that she has lost. In addition, instead of gaining 1 day per unit, she gains 1 week per unit and thus only needs three units to return to normal. A typical human contains four units, a dog contains 3, a cat 2 and a cow 5.

Peripheral Control (3) Jericho can control and receive information from any piece of her that is at a distance up to 3 miles. Anything greater than that and the conscious connection is broken and the piece will seek to reunite with the whole as fast as possible. Pieces don't hold memories on their own and by definition, a "piece" must be at least 4 ounces or more or weight/volume.

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