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Guardian Brann Connolly

Name Brann Wynn Connolly

Position Position

Rank Guardian

Character Information

Gender Hermaphrodite
Birthright Truborne
Species Guardian
Nature Generous
Persona Paladin
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Unusual skin and hair color combination
Mortal Guise Physical Description 5'10, 155 pounds, short red hair with natural highlights, striking blue eyes, and a deep, rich, all-year tan. He has the physique of one who engages in intensive, extensive physical exercise. He is very "pretty" for a boy, very androgynous, with a slighter frame and sleeker muscles than his level of activity suggests. He flashes a cheeky smile and his eyes reflect deep thought and intelligence. Friendly, approachable.
Markings, Truself
Truself Phyiscal Description


Spouse Anderson Cooper. One can dream.
Children Only if they come in small packages that add water and pop into the microwave.
Father AWOL
Mother FedEx
Brother(s) There can be only one...
Sister(s) Remember to get your pets spayed or neutered.
Other Family Orphans stick together but at our age that could get messy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brann is driven by an instinctive need to help others. He isn't the brightest student but he helps with homework. He isn't the wisest person but he offers his shoulder to cry on without hesitation and once ready, he directs friends to where they can find help. He is generous with his time and seemingly tireless in how he can offer support to his orphan family. He balances this generosity by insisting on "Brann-time." He works out, runs, practices Aikido, he sketches in his book, and swims. In this respect he savors his privacy and reflects on his day.

As a rule of thumb, Brann is quiet and careful around strangers but around fellow orphans and staff he opens up considerably. He babbles companionably and he can't seem to help but let fly with cheeky and suggestive comments. He grows quiet and vulnerable when a topic turns personal. He blushes hotly when anyone presses him about his love life. To say he grows awkward is an understatement of Biblical proportions. He chokes, badly, and then he scrambles desperately to change the topic. Staff and orphans alike take perverse delight in watching Bran splutter incoherently and turn beet red but little kids absolutely squeal with glee. They tease him mercilessly just to watch him squirm. Regardless, they love him dearly and he loves them too. No matter how much he wants to stick a sock in their rotten little mouths.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: exceptional physical strength, extraordinary physical endurance, bold, forthright, honest, friendly, personable, patient, attentive, practical, disciplined, takes initiative, forward thinking, community minded, organizational wizard, responsible, creative, respectful.

Weakness: cheeky, suggestive, iconoclastic, obsessive, perfectionist, no sense of time, emotional, idealistic

Note: Brann's sense of smell is impaired. This works well for mucking the stalls and changing diapers but it sucks because flowers only smell like grass to him. He avoids using cologne because he lays it on thick until he can smell it. It knocks others down so he lets other deal with that for him. Maus showed him the proper amount of after shave to use, for which he is grateful. On a related note, Brann can't tell when he stinks so he is fastidious about taking showers, perhaps two and three times a day.

Note: Brann has a gift for tinkering and fixing mechanical items. He might not know how something works but he can take things apart, find what is broken, and often successfully affect repairs. He studies mechanics now but this little trick has been with him since he was able to take his toys apart.
Ambitions "I don't know yet but I'm not working for the 'future promise of America' that is the paying students. Hell no!"
Hobbies & Interests Journal writing, sketching, reading, comic books, swimming, running, weight training, Aikido, Budo (including sword making, archery, and Sado or Tea Ceremony), horseback riding, firearms, and automotive mechanics,.
Strength 5
Stature 3
Endurance 6
Constitution 3
Dexterity 3
Coordination 4
Wits 3
Intellect 3
Charisma 3
Beauty 3
Manifestations and levels

Personal History "I don't know my parents or what happened to them. They would have found me by now if they were alive. I don't know if I have family and the only way I know to find out is through comparing DNA. I've contacted about every Connolly family I can reach and none of them claim a missing relative and they pass on DNA testing. So, I move on to what I can work with, my life."

I devote much of my time at school in the gym or on the track. I volunteer around the school for credit. I put away the gear after PE and clean the locker room. I work as a "Kitchen Pig" and help clean "The Trough" (i.e., the cafeteria). Since my sense of smell isn't good I muck the stalls and help tend the stables. Sometimes, if someone wants to do something else I'll trade chores. No matter what, I put in three days a week working in the nursery. Little kids can be hell on the nerves and diapers should be classified as Weapons of Mass Destruction but the little ones don't have anybody. I can't change what happened in my life but I can be there for them. In a lot of ways, they help me, too."