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Mystic Zachary Craft

Name Zachary Brody Craft

Position Position

Rank Mystic

Character Information

Gender Male
Birthright Truborne
Species Mystic
Nature Thoughtful
Persona Warrior
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Scar, tattoo, mis-matched eyes
Mortal Guise Physical Description 5'6" 155lbs red hair cut short, pale smooth skin with no freckles, and an athletic toned body earned from years of hard physical training in martial arts. Zach suffers from two rare genetic disorders for his eyes: Herterochromia and Inherited Aniridia. This makes the right eye appear blue and the left eye green and while he does have irises, they are do not appear to exist on casual inspection. Zach also has a geometric tattoo with formulas on the center of his chest along with a scar on his left eye (but the eye is undamaged). Finally due to some early fights where he lost, he has a slightly off center nose.
Markings, Truself
Truself Phyiscal Description


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zach has been described by many of the payers as a sociopath and that is not accurate at all. Zach has been diagnosed as a high functioning autistic in some ways. He has a hard time socializing with others in an appropriate manner and empathizing with others as well. As is also a rare tendency of Autistic children he has shown a strange aptitude for fighting much to the feigned joy of his peers and teachers.

Zach’s academic career is average except in certain specific areas. Zach seems to like any subject hat has to deal with physical sciences. Physics, chemistry, anatomy and history are his favorite subjects and he has above average marks in those subjects. All subjects outside of those he give minimal effort too as he views them as unnecessary and a waste of time. He is also a talented artist but only in designing weapons. Zach has shown a particular knack of making weapons out of the most mundane items.

Zach struggles to control his emotions and better about interacting with others. While this has not hindered is academics to need special educational resources it does tend to lead to the occasional outburst that most students just chalk up to bad behavior. Through careful tutoring and mentorship from his fellow orphans Zach has gone from an estranged student to just awkward amongst most of the orphans. Of course if you are ever in a fight and Zach is near by, he is the one you want watching your back, front, both sides and around the corner.

Due too some altercations early in his education is strictly limited on what personal possessions he is allowed to have. Luckily for the staff that Zach is not only honest but is absolutely truthful and has no inkling of stealth, lying or cunning. He turns and full itemized list of his possessions every week to Kyort. It should be noted that Kyort stopped double checking years ago.

Zach has a medium size tattoo on his chest that he calls simply “the formula of fighting”. He got it soon after he turned 16 and paid the price like all do to Kyort. It is a series of geometric shapes with some equations that to any mathematician make no sense.

For the few friends that Zach has he is fiercely loyal and protective. Those that know him best understand that Zach sees the world as a collection of conflicts and potential conflicts. Thus they understand that everything Zach accomplishes is pushing him to understand and master the world as he sees it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Gifted fighter and tactician. Excels in academics he deems useful. Unique intelligence. Athletic, loyal. Tries hard to fit in.

Socially limited. Lacks empathy. Likes to fight for the sake of fighting sometimes. Menial effort in academics he deems dumb. Not attractive. Considered a freak by payers and wierd by most orphans
Ambitions To become the best fighter ever. MMA Grand Champions and When the Kumite (he saw a movie)
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts, designing custom weapons and items that assist with fighting. Military History, Anatomy, Physics, Fighting.
Strength 4
Stature 3
Endurance 4
Constitution 3
Dexterity 6
Coordination 4
Wits 5
Intellect 3
Charisma 2
Beauty 2
Manifestations and levels

Personal History I was born, abandoned and left here. I have lived here all of my life. I am trained in any martial art they let me practice and focus on honing myself into the perfect fighter. In this I am on my way to success. anything else you want to know, you can ask after you beat me.