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Unknown Kyort

Name Kyort

Position Position

Rank Unknown

Character Information

Gender Male
Birthright Truborne
Species Surprise Me!
Nature Aggressive
Persona Duelist
Age 30's

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Kyprt is short, extremely wide and gray-headed despite being young-ish
Mortal Guise Physical Description Kyort is 5'6" and weighs around 220 pounds, all of muscle. He's got torso and right arm tattoo's that look Nordic in origin and are in orange with black lines t make them bold against his pale skin. His hair is a uniform iron-gray despite his apparent younger age.
Markings, Truself
Truself Phyiscal Description


Children Kyort very likely has offspring somewhere, considering his penchant for finding his way into people's various orifices. Formally, he has no recognized offspring at this time and while many of the faculty consider the orphans as their children, apparently Kyort considers them as opportunities waiting to happen, if they're interested.
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyort is, as previously mentioned, a bit of a sexual opportunist. Apparently he doesn't mind: male, female- so far his known limits seem to be "alive". He's not aggressive but if someone needs something he's got, he'll usually try to bargain for sex if he thinks he can get it- if he's clued in there's any interest there. He's not overly concerned with money, being dressed or even looking neat, though he has had his moments and shown not just amazing style but rather exceptional table manners.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kyort is powerfully strong and he looks it. Short, his shoulders are very wide and he has a body most teenaged boys would trade a significant portion of their souls to have. He's also extremely well endowed and is apparently very skilled with the use of his "claymore". He speaks in a guttural growl most of the time and he can out-mean raging pit bulls.

A weakness, if he cared, would be his inability to be accepted as anything but a "common laborer" in "polite circles". In his case though, he might be sneered at, he'd sneer back, proud to be who and what he is.
Hobbies & Interests
Strength 6
Stature 2
Endurance 7
Constitution 7
Dexterity 3
Coordination 6
Wits 7
Intellect 3
Charisma 8
Beauty 3
Manifestations and levels

Personal History