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Fae of Fire Cat Random

Name Cat Random

Position Position

Rank Fae of Fire

Character Information

Gender Female
Birthright Nephilim
Species Fae: Passions of Sun
Nature Protective
Persona Stalwart
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Unusual Markings, Mortal Guise Natural reddish purple highlights, turquoise colored eyes
Mortal Guise Physical Description Petite, just barely pushing 5'2" Cat is small and skinny but she has rather large breasts and softly rounded hips giving her and hour glass figure. Even though she's petite she can usually wear regular pants since she has long legs. Cat has long hair that is so dark it is almost black, except when the light hits it then you can see the reddish purple highlights that mark it as a extremely deep shade of dark auburn. Her skin is tan, year round, but she gets a deep nut brown during the summer when she is outside a lot. She has large turquoise eyes that spark with fire whenever her emotions run high. Cat has no fashion sense, none whatsoever, and so she lets her roommate pick her style. She wears tight halter tops that show off her ample chest and stop a good two inches above her belly button. Her pants hang low on her hips, skin tight through the waistband and turning to regular baggy cargo pants in the legs. She has a body that shows she's no stranger to hard work, there's definite definition to her muscles but she doesn't look overly muscular. When she moves she seems to glide, or if she's angry stalk across the floor, the sway of her hips completely natural despite the fact that unless she's on her skateboard she's wearing her shit kicker 12 hole Ox Blood red Doc Martain's. When she skateboards she wears a pair of canvas Converse sneakers. She also wears leather bracers, her right one containing an old style pocket watch with a hard case so that it doesn't get damaged when she takes a tumble. The left bracer has a pocket for her cell phone, letting it slip between the leather and her arm with a locking strap so that it doesn't fall out, or get lifted by one of the stupider payers.
Markings, Truself
Truself Phyiscal Description


Spouse Dude I'm 16
Children Okay perv, seriously? Again I say I'm 16!
Father Jacknocker
Mother Don't know, Don't care
Brother(s) How should I know?
Sister(s) Again I say seriously? If I don't know if I have any brothers what's gonna make you think I know about sisters.
Other Family The Orphans of Stark Academy. They're all the family I need. And I pity anyone who tries to take them away from me.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cat is sarcastic and snarky at the best of times, down right bitchy at the worst. She doesn't really like to be the center of attention unless she's drawing fire for her family. She doesn't know how to back down when someone threatens them. She has no backup in her at that point but she'll take all kinds of abuse aimed at her as an individual. With the other Orphans she's always willing to laugh and tease, knowing that most of them know that she isn't being serious. For the most part around the Payers she keeps her mouth shut, bad enough the girls all want to claw her eyes out because she's an Orphan and prettier than most of them. Then you have the guys who think she's a slut and try to get her to break the fraternization rule. Cat's not the kind to start a fight, and if she's being targeted because of herself she won't fight back, but she'll always protect her family, no matter the cost to herself. She never shirks at accepting the consequences to her actions. She's an okay student, mainly maintaining a B average, she also volunteers to clean the girl's bathroom and locker room. Knowing if she didn't do it one of the others would be forced too. The time she helped muck the horses stalls when they all had diarrhea was a picnic compared to cleaning up after the spoiled, indolent Payer girls.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Hot Tempered
Brutally Honest
Holds Grudges
Ambitions I don't know what I want to do with my life, though the idea of making all the Payers that make our lives hell pay is extremely tempting. Maybe I'll open my own jewelry studio or something. I don't know, hell I'm only 16.
Hobbies & Interests Metal working, glass blowing, stained glass, skateboarding, swimming, Akido, reading
Strength 3
Stature 2
Endurance 5
Constitution 3
Dexterity 6
Coordination 3
Wits 4
Intellect 3
Charisma 2
Beauty 5
Manifestations and levels

Personal History It had been the middle of the night, August 17th 1995, when Catherine, or Cat as she preferred to be called, Random had arrived at the Academy. She had no idea who her parents were, nor did she really want to find out. They had never wanted her, that was apparent by the fact that they hadn't even bothered to do more than cut her umbilical cord and lay her on the mat. She knew that there were people out there who were forced to give up their kids, but she doubted that her parents had been in that kind of situation. Maybe they had always known how she was going to turn out, because Cat had always been a handful.

Even from a young age it was apparent that Cat's nature wouldn't let her stand by while anyone she cared about was hurt. Those normal things that most people would have lashed out about Cat ignored. If someone pulled her hair she would just look at them. If someone pulled Angel's hair, Cat would put herself in between her sister and the person hurting her. Cat never out and out attacked, she would simply put herself in the way, then if whoever it was attacked she would retaliate. She had never minded physical pain herself, knowing that it would heal and then it would be over, but she had never been able to handle her friends and family hurting.

When she was little Cat would sit in the forge and watch Hulga make things out of metal. Cat loved watching the bigger woman make the intricate and delicate creations and begged to be taught how to do it herself. Ultimately she learned how to twist metal and work it into something beautiful. At the same time she learned how to blow and sculpt glass to make delicate works, as well as how to cut and twist metal and glass together to make stained glass. Cat loved working in the forge and never minded the heat, even in the middle of the summer. Then again she never really minded the cold either, usually wearing long sleeve shirts as her only concession to the biting Northern winters.

Around ten or so Cat had seen one of the payers playing around with a skateboard and that had piqued her interested. She used her credits to purchase her own board and began to learn to do tricks and stunts. She laughed when she would fall, rolling and picking herself up off of the ground. Skateboarding, swimming and Aikido were really Cat's only physical interests, she never really liked any of the other sports that many of the other kids played and she knew herself well enough to know that some of the more violent sports would wind up with someone getting hurt and she didn't want to watch her family in pain.

As much as she wishes it were different Cat really can't draw a straight line with a ruler, at least not on paper, glass and metal she has no issues but with paper she winds up having issues. She's sure it's some subconsious thing but she just can't get it. So in order to get designs on paper Cat goes to Brann so that she can get the image perfect and then put it into her glass and metal.

Ever since she hit puberty Cat has had an unconcious sexuality, moving with a grace that is never intentional. She has no idea that the way she looks, dresses, and acts puts ideas in many heads. She likes to touch people that she likes and hug them. This was roughly when all her hours in the forge and cleaning up the girls bathroom and locker room really started paying off. Cat had credits to spare and let Angel talk her into to changing her jeans and t-shirt style, trusting that her best friend knew what would look good on her, since Cat was completely clueless. Now Cat tends to where tight halter tops that stop about two inches above her belly button paired with cargo pants that are skin tight around her hips, the only reason they don't just fall right off, and loose around her legs. Dressing up she wears more of a steam punk look, though both looks she wears 12 hole Ox Blood Doc Martens with. Unless she's skateboarding, then she wears canvas sneakers.